[In English]

1. Our Values and Purpose of This Policy

Wunder’s values form the bedrock of our operations, reflecting our distinctive company culture. These values are:

  • We are open and curious.
  • We nurture a culture of trust.
  • We take care of each other.

Beyond values, Wunder is committed to upholding international human rights, labor conditions, environmental recommendations, and anti-bribery standards. We conduct our business in compliance with both international and local regulations, emphasizing integrity and sustainability in all our operations.

This document aims to articulate the primary principles and guidelines that Wunder adheres to and expects all employees, subcontractors, and collaborative partners to follow. It is also made publicly available.

2. Our General Ways of Working

2.1 Lawfulness of Operations

We actively ensure that our daily operations align with laws and regulations applicable to our industry. We inform our employees, subcontractors, and collaborative partners about legal requirements to maintain awareness. Illegal actions are not tolerated, and we require similar ethical standards from our subcontractors and partners.

2.2 Openness, Confidentiality, and Communication

We believe in full transparency in our communications with all involved parties. We communicate as transparently as possible, ensuring the disclosure of only true and reliable information. When handling confidential matters or personal data, we store information securely, preventing third-party access. Refer to section 5 for detailed information security measures.

3. Our Ethical Business Practices

3.1 Anti-bribery and corruption

Wunder unequivocally rejects bribery or corruption in any form. We comply with anti-bribery laws, ensuring all payments, gifts, or commitments align with legal standards. Our subcontractors and partners are expected to share our anti-bribery stance. We educate our employees on anti-bribery measures and maintain internal guidelines.

3.2 Fair Competition

We operate fairly, complying with laws in dealings with competitors, customers, suppliers, and other partners. Unfair competition practices, such as illegal agreements, are strictly avoided.

3.3 Financial Reporting

Our financial and other reporting endeavors to reflect our operations accurately, complying with laws and regulations. Expenditure records related to potential and existing customers are maintained in adherence to internal policies.

3.4 Intellectual Property

We respect third-party rights, including patents, user rights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights. We expect our subcontractors and partners to do the same.

3.5 Environment

We actively pursue environmentally responsible choices in procurement, encouraging eco-friendly solutions in our business and working environment. Wunder branded items prioritize recycled or non-virgin materials whenever possible. Products with the Wunder logo are always primarily made from recycled materials or renewable and responsibly produced materials.

4. Human Rights, Fairness, and Health & Safety

4.1 Equality

All employees at Wunder are treated equally, without discrimination, based on various factors, such as age, gender, belief system, ethnicity, or political view. We provide an equal salary model and opportunities for self-development, education, training, and career advancement based on individual interests, performance, and professional abilities regardless of age, worldview, gender, cultural background or other personal characteristics. We uphold an Equality Plan, do not accept any discrimination based on personal characteristics and we have a designated Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion ambassador.

4.2 Fair Working Conditions

We ensure our employment contracts are clear, and all details are communicated before signing. Fair compensation, compliant with laws or industry standards, is provided. Child labor is strictly prohibited, and employee freedom to organize and be represented by their chosen trade union is respected. No form of forced labor is allowed.

4.3 Health & Safety

We prioritize the well-being of our employees, providing a safe and healthy workplace. We do not tolerate abuse, offensive behavior, or harassment. Flexible working conditions are offered when possible to promote a healthy work-life balance.

5. Information and Data Security

We ensure the security of all information, materials, and equipment in our possession. Appropriate security measures are regularly assessed to guarantee information and data safety. Personal data protection adheres to privacy laws and regulations. We responsibly process all personal data and update our privacy measures regularly.

Ethical utilization of Artificial Intelligence is defined and followed.

6. Inspections and Reporting

To ensure compliance, we report all incidents or suspected malpractices concerning matters stated in this policy. Employees, subcontractors, and partners are encouraged to report any suspected violations. Audits may be conducted when necessary. Reports are handled confidentially, and retaliation against a person reporting in good faith is strictly prohibited. Incidents can be reported using the misconduct reporting template available on Wunder’s website or intranet.