Since being founded in 2010, Wunder has many times got awarded for its work culture. But what is it that makes our workplace unique? We have decided to open these factors for the world.

You have now entered the world of Wunder, and we welcome you to get to know us even better. We will here gather all the essential features of our work culture, bit by bit.

Helsinki office people enjoying a nice picnic in the park

Salary model and employee benefits

We will start this section by opening the very practical aspects of Wunder’s culture and Wunder as a workplace: let us represent you our salary model and employee benefits.


Learn more abou our salary model and employee benefits

The positive feedback system: Hugs

Since the beginning of ages – or more specifically since 2013 – Wunderers have given each other virtual hugs to give & receive positive feedback – feedback that pays for one’s bonuses! Our very special positive feedback system, Hugs, is a unique way of rewarding people for the job well done.

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