Technologies & tools

At Wunder, we specialize in open source technologies such as Drupal, React, GraphQL and Elasticsearch. We also have broad experience with working in technically complicated environments. Our efficient, high-quality development work is based on continuous integration (CI), infrastructure as code, and automatized testing.

In this section, we introduce our technological skillset and our proven to be good tools. For over a decade, we have gained experience from working with various projects and technologies. Our team of experts consists of over 80 developers from three different countries. Also, our international network of digital specialists is at the developer teams’ disposal to quickly overcome the development work problems.

As for most of the Wunderpedia sections, this one is not static either but gets more content steadily.

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Drupal is a browser-based, open-source content management system (CMS). Drupal is well-suited for developing large, customized web services but can be just as well scaled down for smaller projects. Wunder has executed dozens of solutions, the latest ones with Drupal 8 and Drupal 9.

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React is a JavaScript library designed to help create interactive interfaces. It has grown to be one of the hottest web development technologies and works well as, for example, Drupal’s partner in decoupled projects.

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The React-based, open-source web application framework Next.js is a quickly evolving and growing tool enabling search engine optimized React apps with zero configuration. To make the most out of Drupal and React’s union, more and more of our projects at Wunder use Next.js.

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Matomo Analytics

We’re all about preferring open-source technologies, maximizing user experience, and enabling personal data to be handled according to the strictest policies. That’s why we are thrilled to offer our clients an option for a web analytics platform that ticks all the boxes. Get cookieless with Matomo Analytics and us.

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Content library: Storybook

UI developers’ dear friend, Storybook, helps to fight the “backend bottleneck” in development projects by decoupling frontend and backend works. It also enables tighter and more fruitful collaboration between design and development teams, and more.

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Design systems

Despite the slightly misleading name, design systems are made to serve and be used by everyone working on a digital product or service. A design system looks like the team who built it and gives easy-to-follow frames for the project’s looks.

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