Service design

In the context of digital solutions, service, and system development, the primary purpose of service design is to help teams and individuals identify the needs and expectations of people using the particular service or system. Besides focusing on users alone, service design work also includes research and analysis of the business processes and systems needed to deliver the service.

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Service design in a nutshell

What is service design, what it is not, why it is needed, and how it benefits digital project development – all these significant questions are covered in this section.

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The right terminology is the key to fruitful conversations around service design and related topics. It will also help you understand the contents of this section.

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Roles and responsibilities

A good team is the core of a successful project. Let’s have a look at what expertise is needed to deliver well-thought-through digital solutions.

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Tools and methods

One can cut the bread with a hummer and beat the nail with a knife, but will that be the most effective way to succeed? As with everything, there are the best practices and bullet-proof tools and methods that help to do the job. This section will reveal the best ones for service designing.

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