Finnish digital accessibility legislation



Act FI 306/2019 is the Finnish implementation of Directive EU 2016/2102. It is very similar to the European legislation, but it’s a bit more specific in terms of scope.

In addition to applying to the digital services of public sector bodies, this act also does apply to the digital services of:

  1. Private bodies that are at least 50% funded by public bodies.
  2. Public and private bodies providing electronic identification and payment systems.
  3. Public and private bodies operating in the water, energy, transport, and postal services sectors.
  4. Public and private bodies involved in financial investment and lending activities.

Accessibility feedback

  1. The body in question must send a receipt acknowledging it has received the feedback.
  2. Feedback must be addressed as soon as possible, and within 2 weeks (exceptions apply).


  1. Throughout all of Finland, the authority in charge of implementing this act is the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland.
  2. Public bodies that do not comply are subject to fines, as described in the Finnish Act on Conditional Fines.