Take a deep dive into the world of accessibility with our unique, diverse accessibility team.

Take a deep dive into the world of accessibility with our unique, diverse accessibility team.

Why care about accessibility?

  • 15% of the world are people with disabilities. That’s 1 billion people!
  • As we age, we all become disabled in one way or another.
  • Thanks to the Curb-Cut Effect, making the world more accessible for people with disabilities benefits all of society.
  • It’s a growing market, thanks to both current and future legislation in the EU and all around the world.
  • It’s the right thing to do, because disabled people are people, and all people have the same value as humans.

More on this section…

Accessibility terminology

Knowing and using the right terminology is the basis for fruitful conversations around disability and accessibility. It will also help you understand the contents of this site.

Learn more about accessibility terminology

Accessibility legislation

We are currently working to update this section. And when it will be ready, we will have gathered and summarized information about current legislation at both the European and country-specific levels.

Digital assistive technologies

Assistive technologies are designed to support the functional capabilities of people with disabilities.

Learn more about digital assistive technologies

Accessible UIs

Making more accessible UIs is a collaborative process between designers, developers, and content editors. Each role must understand the others, and they each must do their part.

Learn more about accessible UIs

Accessible documents

Many times we forget about ensuring the accessibility of documents contained in otherwise accessible websites. Although it is advisable to have all important information in HTML format including forms, price lists and reports, sometimes a more portable format is needed.

Learn more about accessible documents

Accessibility testing

Testing is needed to improve the accessibility level of service, and also to maintain said level as new features and content are introduced. Even if you’re not an accessibility specialist, you can still learn some basic testing techniques.

Learn more about accessibility testing

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