They say that good things come around. Still it can surprise you how true that actually is.

During the Splash Awards, where the best Drupal projects are being presented and awarded, one of the winning projects had some features that sounded very familiar to us...

This was a social intranet project built for the City of Reykjavik. Among other things, the intranet offers a possibility to give compliments to your colleagues. It reminded us about our own hug system – and it turned out they had in fact been inspired by it!

And they of course love it:

We were obviously thrilled about the news because we’re so proud about the hug system and the positive energy it creates in the workplace. Therefore we wanted to thank the City of Reykjavik for spreading the love for positive feedback at work.

Here are our greetings to our Icelandic neighbours:


Oh, and if you wonder where we got inspiration for the video - from the Icelanders, of course. You do remember their stunning chant at UEFA Euro 2016? Check this link.

Praise your colleagues for being awesome. It only takes a minute but the impact will last much longer. We know it from the experience.

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