We push openness and transparency to new extremes. Everything we create is open by default.

We are highly collaborative and work easily and often with others, including our clients, open source communities, and other firms in our industry. We share our knowledge and experience widely.

We're great listeners, curious and always open to ideas and feedback. We communicate clearly and often.


We work hard to build and maintain trust with our clients. We're always learning from others and from experimentation, bringing credible expertise to our work.

We support each other as a team and we can always be relied on to deliver. We're respected for the ways in which we work.


We favour long-term sustainable success over short term benefits. We do what's right for our clients and what's right for each other.

We value diversity, individuality and weirdness. We have fun, are happy, and bring fun and happiness to others too. We support each other.

We have a healthy attitude to failure, facing up to it, learning from our mistakes and avoiding blame. We work in healthy ways, to support a high quality of life. We value being a healthy sustainable company.


We are flexible and adaptable in the way we work, the way we learn, the way we think, and the way we are structured.

We encourage and accept change and we're agile in the way we deliver. We work in borderless ways - as one team in the company, and one team with client organisations.


We lead as an organisation, with clients and communities valuing and adopting our ideas and practices.

We lead as individuals, operating as a do-ocracy where any team member can step up to lead on initiatives and projects, in the company and in our communities.

Our leadership style is consultative but decisive, with a bias for action. We aim to inspire and enthuse, and lead by example.

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