Our in-depth Drupal audits leave no stone unturned when it comes to performance, security and best-practice code application.

We clearly identify the necessary actions required to make your website perform efficiently, even with high traffic levels. Our detailed security review boosts your website’s long-term defence and protects confidential information from potential threats. The result? A robust codebase optimises site performance which not only helps with SEO performance but it ensures your customers get an all-round better, more secure experience.


Drupal audits

When you’re running a high profile website on a complex platform, such as Drupal, you'll want the peace of mind of knowing everything has been done correctly.

Here’s an overview of what we look at:

  • Drupal Configuration
  • Best practice code application
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Quality custom code
  • Architecture decisions
  • Choice of Drupal modules (and how this will affect ongoing maintenance)

We provide you with a detailed report highlighting important issues and making recommendations for action or further investigation. We also have the necessary developer support to put these updates into application if you need. If you want an impartial review of how your code is looking then work with us to get honest, expert advice.

You need a Drupal audit if...

Book an audit to find what causes the issue

You need an overall security, quality and performance of your website

Performance audits

Your website has poor performance (eg: response and charging time, increasing data volume)

Missing security updates are serious threat

No security updates have taken place within the last three month

Bespoke audits

If you’d prefer, we can adapt our audits to focus on particular area of concern. Within our Drupal audits, we can factor in a security check or performance review if you need.

Drupal security audits

Drupal security audits

Take the necessary steps to ensure your platform is as sturdy as possible with our security audits.

With system hacks and viruses costing businesses billions of pounds every year, cyber security is more important than ever before. Hackers could deface your website and leave you blacklisted by Google. Even more seriously, you could risk the protection of confidential data.

Working with open source technology makes life easier for us techies because we can review everything without locked away code in a black box. Get the peace of mind that your website meets suitable standards of security today.

Drupal performance audit

Drupal performance audits

Positive user experience starts with speedy backend systems. Check your site can effectively handle its incoming traffic with our performance audit.

Our expert tech team and system administrators review every layer of your website to expose any potential problems. At the end of our review, you will receive a detailed report which clearly lists any issues and recommendations for action.

We recommend this as a cautionary step to reduce any risk of business disruption. We also offer rapid performance audits for urgent diagnostics.


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