Getting your Drupal platform audited is quick and easy with Wunder.

Our Technical Consultants can provide you with a comprehensive audit report in as little as two weeks (more time may be needed for more complex infrastructures).

What our Drupal audit involves

Drupal Site Audit

Once you've booked your audit, one of our skilled Technical Consultants will carry out a comprehensive review of your Drupal CMS installation, 3rd party integrations, and overall systems infrastructure.

Some of the areas we'll explore include:

  • Drupal configuration
  • Best practice coding standards
  • Drupal security
  • Performance
  • Quality custom code
  • Platform architecture
  • Choice of Drupal modules
  • Custom developed modules

Audit Report

Following our exploration, you will be provided with a comprehensive, easy-to-read audit report - highlighting positive areas where best practice is being followed, aspects that are good but could be better, and areas that require urgent improvement e.g. security vulnerabilities.

Actionable Recommendations

The report will finish off with a set of actionable recommendations for ensuring that your platform is well-optimised, robust, and secure.

These can be implemented by your internal development team/Drupal development partner, however, as Europe's largest Drupal specialist agency with over 100 Drupal developers, our team is more than happy to help implement the actions we recommend. See our Drupal development services

Bespoke Audits

If you have a specific area of concern that you'd like us to focus on, our Technical Consultants can easily adapt to your needs to produce a bespoke report. For example, you might have been made aware of security issues elsewhere in your infrastructure and might want a deeper focus on this aspect of the audit.

All Drupal versions covered

No matter what version of Drupal you're running, be that Drupal 8, 7 or 6, we have many long-standing Drupal developers and Technical Consultants who are able to analyse all versions and provide solid recommendations.

Crown Commercial Service Supplier
Drupal Association Supporting Partner
Cyber Essentials Plus Certified

5 reasons to get a Drupal site audit

1. You're having performance issues with your Drupal platform
If you've noticed significant performance issues over time that are causing inefficiencies or a negative impact on customer/user experience e.g. slow response/loading times, an audit can help highlight areas for improvement and optimisation.

2. You're planning to undergo a major digital project that includes your existing Drupal CMS
Reviewing its current performance and understanding what more you could get out of Drupal to suit your project's goals is a good start.

3. You're using Drupal to handle sensitive information on your customers/clients
Regularly reviewing your systems for potential security vulnerabilities is good information security practice. If you've not reviewed the security aspects of your Drupal platform recently, an audit is a great starting point.

4. You've been using Drupal for some while
Like any system that's been around for a while, it's a good idea to get a system health check for peace of mind to ensure that what you're working with follows modern Drupal security, performance, and coding practices.

5. You have limited/no internal Drupal development expertise and looking for a Drupal partner
Any agency you choose to work with will need to kick off with a comprehensive systems audit before carrying out any development work. Getting ahead of the game with an audit report enables you to get more accurate cost estimates from agencies.

In conducting countless Drupal audits on complex platforms and technical infrastructures, web applications, and websites, these are some of the most common reasons we come across that lead businesses and organisations to get audited.