We go one step further by understanding how people who use your services work in order to provide a truly unforgettable experience.

Our knowledge guides the development process and ongoing user testing allows us to validate every decision.

User research not only steers the project but also helps to detect issues earlier in the process. We can iron out any user pain points, and feel confident that we’re developing a solution that really works.

User research and data analysis
Research tools

User interviews

One-to-one interviews with target audiences can test your current service and new alpha prototypes. This is the ideal opportunity to test design theories and user journeys, and we can also spot new opportunities for improvement. From finding good quality users who give you the insight you’re looking for to providing a detailed analysis, translating insight into clear actions – we take care of the whole process.

Focus groups

Pitching new ideas to a group of potential customers gives you a chance to get a better understanding behind the inner-workings of your customer. The insight from focus groups helps with important decision-making, it shapes strategic thinking and has the power to uncover new potential in your current service offering.  

Online survey

Extend your reach to a greater number of users and get the qualitative research required to steer direction during alpha. This is a great chance to understand changing shifts in attitudes and responses to your brand with user feedback.

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