"Service design is the activity of planning and organizing people, infrastructure, communication and material components of a service in order to improve its quality and the interaction between the service provider and its customers." 


Additionally, we see it as a variety of tools and methods to discover, research, analyse, structurize, prioritize, visualise, verbalise and simplify information, in order to make meaningful experiences to the people who provide services, for the people who use them.


Service design

We work with you to refine service offering by weighing up user needs and prioritising key objectives.

As part of discovery we take a fully comprehensive look at your business, taking into account the following factors:

  • Strategy
  • Revenue module
  • Service channels/digital assets
  • Available data
  • Processes and available resources

We use this information as a springboard to set realistic goals, breaking down big challenges into small manageable chunks. We always plan with sustainability in mind, working towards long-term changes that continue to stay competitive and up to date.

Ready for change

Open and receptive businesses get the most from service design. When services are digitalised, there are noticeable knock-on effects to internal processes which is why we love working with a client-side product owner. We see greater success with a single point of contact who represents the business needs as we prioritise tasks from week to week.

This approach has been really successful. When our clients work with us collaboratively, pencilling time in the diary to discuss and plan together, we see far greater success. Initiating change is the first challenge, but we also coach product owners to take long term ownership of service improvements.


Visual design

Visual Design

Brand credibility comes with consistently strong visual design. Our designers translate new findings from user research into eye-catching user interfaces.

Interaction design IxD

Interaction Design

Clever interactions bring your website to life. Seamless user interactions and quirky finishing touches are a fun way to stand out from the rest. You will be able to see for yourself with clickable prototypes.

Concept (n.) an idea of a product or a service

Concept Design

Effective concept design addresses the business problems we need to solve. We take the learnings from user research and data analytics to create a concept that works. We’re talking post-it notes, sharpies and a whole load of collaboration.

Let's talk about cognitive skills and attention span

Information Design

Avoid overloading your visitor by displaying content in a clear and manageable way. Our experienced designers combine usability, design and content to come up with a winning formula.


It’s time to turn your digital wish list into a reality and continue to give your customers an exceptional online experience. Get in contact to tell us about your idea.