GDPR Audit

Let us help you with your GDPR compliance

GDPR is coming and there is a lot of scare talk on the internet about huge sanctions and increases in IT expenses, but you should not worry. GDPR is a good thing for all of us and we can help you with it. We have already helped a number of our clients with GDPR compliance through our GDPR audit service. We will implement a GDPR compliance solution for your web service together and you will get help and consultation regarding compliance for the rest of your company.

GDPR is a good thing for us all

The purpose of GDPR is to protect our personal data, like name, email address etc. Actions we take while browsing the internet is also personal data as the choices we make while interacting with various web services reflect who we are. GDPR increases the information and power we have regarding how our personal data is utilized by others and is thereby a good thing for us all.


Map all personal data in the service

Wunder’s developers map all personal data in your service and flag if redundant such is found. They will also evaluate the data security status of the service.

Discuss the results

Our data protection consultant will discuss the results of the personal data mapping effort and reflect these to a GDPR compliance solution defined together with your company.

Produce the compliance documentation

The documentation for the GDPR solution will be delivered together with possible proposals for service upgrades, based on findings during the mapping and discussions in the earlier stages.

We realize that each company is different with different interests, capabilities and preferences. We are therefore happy to comply with your needs and modify our offering accordingly. Your company can map the personal info yourself if you prefer, or we can use your document templates for example.