No guessing games, but reliable data

Do you know what kind of data you collect from your online platforms and why? Is it GDPR-compliant? Do you know how to read it, and can you trust it so that you can safely make business decisions based on it? In order to grow your business, make wise decisions, and accomplish your objectives, web analytics must be applied appropriately and sustainably. Needless to say, data has to be collected and stored in a manner that protects your company’s data and respects the privacy of your customers.

Know the users of your digital platforms

In order to maximize your online platform’s potential and optimally serve the users of your web and apps, it’s critical to have a solid understanding of how they interact with your digital platforms. To achieve this, we can help you capture the entire customer journey and track and analyze a range of information. This deeper understanding of the online behavior on your platforms helps you gain actionable insights. These actions could include things like optimizing your online presence, services, and campaigns, as well as your internal digital processes and future decision-making and planning. In short, the data helps you understand where you should and could invest in digital development.

Our web analytics services include:

  • KPI measurement plans
  • Web Analytics Audit
  • Installation and implementation of web analytics
  • Installation and commissioning of Tag Manager
  • Event tracking and tag management
  • Online store analytics (Enhanced Ecommerce)
  • Server-side tracking
  • Data Warehousing and Engineering (Big Query)
  • Dashboard solutions
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Web analytics trainings
  • Consulting

We help you to collect and understand the data

Wunder’s online analytics team has plenty of experience in specifying and implementing successful online analytics setups for multiple enterprise-sized organizations—public and private. We help you understand your current status and, up to a certain point, tell you why you are where you are with your digital.
Before any data is collected, the first step is to decide and agree with your team on KPIs, and what success looks like for you. We create a measurement plan based on this agreement and goals to serve as the foundation for the Analytics implementation.
When we have the KPIs and success characteristics, we can start gathering relevant, high-quality data. We employ direct coding techniques, data layers, and various tag management tools to count conversions precisely.


Our toolbox for data

We employ various data tracking and reporting tools, depending on the individual client’s needs. Our Data Analytics Specialists are experienced in reporting tools such as Google Analytics, Matomo Analytics, Adobe Analytics.
We also employ tag management systems such as Google Tag Manager, Adobe Launch, and Matomo Tag Manager for data collection and to accurately take account of conversions on your website. All of these tools are used in conjunction with data layer implementation in close collaboration with either our developers or the client’s in-house developers.

From data strategy to implementation, coaching, education, and data governance, we help establish the necessary requirements for your company’s success in the digital landscape.


We help to define your company’s digital vision and aspirations, guiding you on your way to digital success.

Design & Data

Together we can build the best possible solutions with the help of design and data.

Delivering Digital

Creation, continuous development and constant support of your digital services.