Our vision is to create a world where digital belongs to everyone.

Our vision is to create a world where digital belongs to everyone.

Inclusive Design and Web Accessibility Evaluation

Accessibility is about giving everyone equal access to digital services. It’s not only the big amount of the population with disabilities that benefits from accessible web services – accessible services are usually easier to use and understand for everyone. Also, accessibility enables your business to reach as many users as possible.

We make design decisions that include more people and prevent raising barriers to equal participation in society. We evaluate web accessibility throughout the project. Rather than creating something and adding support for more people retroactively, the design is created with different kinds of people in mind, to begin with. You can be sure that your service will be accessible from code to colours.

We also offer a web accessibility evaluation for your service that examines it from the viewpoint of different ways of perceiving and operating the service. As a result, you will get a full report with suggestions on how to improve your service’s user experience with things such as navigation, content lift ups and page structure. We can help you create a better accessible service that reaches more people and follows the Directive set by the European Union.

We gathered knowledge around accessibility under one roof; check our Wunderpedia out!