Lifecycle services

Evolving with your business

We make sure your digital services are running smoothly, offering cost-effective, effortless and reliable support and development. Our continuous development is based on solid data and analytics, allowing informed, intelligent development decisions.

Together with our chosen partners, we provide secure, scalable and highly available managed hosting services for an optimised customer solution. The fully GDPR compliant services are provided from data centers within the EU.

Enabling your digital service to live and evolve together with your business, we can lead and manage your continuous digital development, and are always on the lookout to further improve the solution.

The cooperation is very effective: we get good experts from Wunder who want to be committed to the development of the service and to be actively involved in moving the service forward. I personally appreciate it very much in operating models.

Tero Vedenoja, Head of Online Development
Nelonen Media

Successful collaboration with Nelonen Media.


We help to define your company’s digital vision and aspirations, guiding you on your way to digital success.

Design & Data

Together we can build the best possible solutions with the help of design and data.

Delivering Digital

Creation, continuous development and constant support of your digital services.