Lean business, agile development

The most successful businesses are receptive to change and open to collaboration, they own the process in order to see better long term changes across the business.

We have a reputation for delivering complex digital solutions effectively using agile. We use this process to iteratively roll out and validate new concepts which give the end-user continuously awesome experiences and assist to create better work life. 

Benefits of agile training

  • Learn how to prioritise effectively
  • Incorporate any change in direction based on stakeholder feedback or strategic changes
  • Our trainers are all experienced project managers with dozens of successfully delivered projects under their belts!
  • Engage stakeholders earlier with show and tells
  • We coach Agile whilst actually using the Agile methodology so you get first hand experience during training.
  • Lots of practical exercises, simulation games and yes, fun!

Your understanding and practice of Agile is vital to success, why? Agile embraces the moving parts of your business so if your priorities change from week to week, then we will too.

Our training covers

Agile training begins with a workshop taking your team members through Agile's practicalities. It covers:

  • Agile principles
  • Scrum framework
  • Roles within scrum
  • The product backlog
  • Priorities and delivering value
  • Planning
  • Delivering and demonstrating a sprint
  • Reviewing a sprint
  • Assessing your implementation of Scrum
  • Discussing how to improve and deliver more value
Every project is a learning experience, and learning is fun.

Agile development oozes creativity

The most successful agile projects thrive on team collaboration so we open the Wunder doors for you as together we develop ideas from concept to creation. You, the product owner have complete visibility of progress as you work with our super smart, super friendly interdisciplinary team. But what if this is your first time working agile?

First time working agile?

Our experienced in-house scrum masters are on hand to ensure you know all the concepts, processes and terminology that come with Agile before we get going. We  work with you to ensure you can confidently take part in an agile project, managing sprints, prioritising tasks based on your business needs and creating acceptance criteria that meet the high standards you require.

Stand out from the rest

With the practice of Agile we can open the possibilities to your online empire. Agile is a transformational way of delivering exceptional web development services. The digital universe is crowded with competition so you need to invest in a process now which delivers ground-breaking results.


It’s time to turn your digital wish list into a reality and continue to give your customers an exceptional online experience.
Get in contact to tell us about your idea.