Hugs by Wunder

Positive feedback as its best. Hugs is the most unique and easiest way to give recognition of excellent job and to provide positive feedback via virtual hugs.

Positive feedback as its best. Hugs is the most unique and easiest way to give recognition of excellent job and to provide positive feedback via virtual hugs.

Employees – the heart & soul of a company

Have you given a thought to the simple fact that the employees are the heart of any company? Without employees, there would not be a real business to run nor success or dreams to chase after. One could simplify that the founder provides the company with its foundations and the employees its soul – the living force which makes or breaks the company.

For this very reason, it’s profoundly important to take care of the employees and make their work-life the best possible. What would be a better way to handle all of this than to spread positivity and acknowledge a good deed with Hugs!

Under the hood of Hugs

Everyone has a set amount of Hugs to give, every week, for any reason. You are free to determine the most suitable number of hugs or the time period for the company you represent. With each hug, an employee writes a positive comment which is then delivered to the recipient via HugPortal. It is the best day of the week when you get the Hugs report by email.

Helping others, giving advice and support, doing your job well and otherwise being “huggable” is even better when your actions are noted!

Uniting company, it’s culture and employees

Above all Hugs is a positive booster for company culture and a neat way to nurture it by means of a user-friendly online interface – a single hug can be given in seconds, but its positive effect will last much longer.

Hugs is genuinely the best feedback system we’ve experienced. The system obeys no rank nor organization chart but really gives recognition for actions worth hugging. When given the chance, people say the most amazing things to each other, otherwise expressed way too rarely.


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of our employees think Hugs is a good way to send and receive feedback


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of our employees think Hugs improves working atmosphere

Why Hugs?

See benefits for employers and employees.

For employers

Peer reviews & bottom-up feedback.

Management is brought to the same level as everyone else giving and receiving Hugs.

Better review who your team appreciates.

Brings teams closer together!

Lifts team spirit and appreciation!

You get to know your team (even silent types).

Encouraging huggable behavior – Helps to improve employees cooperation and work-life skills.

To understand how your company values show in everyday life.

For employees

Hugs tell you – You are important!

You show and get appreciation.

You get team support!

Helps you to understand your strengths – creating better self-knowledge and self-esteem.

Your work feels more meaningful & valuable!

Gives you a positive boost for the day!

Energizes and motivates you!

Shows management your efforts clearer.

Makes you smile! Makes your day!

It's a game-changing method for giving feedback in a new, truly personal way. Plus, you’ll get money.