Estonia, Finland, Latvia

Internship (no open positions)

At Wunder, if we commit to doing something, we do it with all our heart and passion. The same applies to offering internships – we want to be a supportive, inspiring, and open partner for each and everyone who meets us.

Team work in action at Wunder

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin

We truly believe that genuine involvement and real-life experience is the best way to grow professional skills and knowledge. Therefore, from the first day, we treat our interns as colleagues, involve them in company meetings, events and activities. Under mentor supervision, our interns work on client projects throughout their training. Students work in real project teams to experience the full process of digital solutions development. And even though we are 110% supportive of remote work, we strongly believe that the best internship and Wunder experience can be gained working side by side (at least partially).

After reviewing our plans for 2023, we have realized that we do not have available resources to implement internships in the form and quality we are used to. Therefore, in 2023 Wunder does not plan to open internship vacancies.

Please make sure you follow our social media accounts on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. If anything comes up, you definitely will find it there.

Thank you for your interest, and we wish you to find an exciting and growth-supporting place for your internship.


P.S. If you are ready for long-term work relationships, check out our open job positions. Who knows, maybe we are a match!