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The city of Turku is investing in the development of digital services and aims to be a pioneer in digital public services.

Turku city web service project has been made with a unique model, where the various framework contract suppliers deliver the agile development project together, as members of the same team. Turku has also bravely opened the source code for all common use.

Starting points for web service planning

We wanted to implement the online services with the Scrum model and the open source code.

  • Responsibility and easy-to-use the online service for both content providers and site owners.

  • Visibility and experience have a greater role to play.

  • As the most popular city in Finland, Turku wants to keep the social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, well presented.

The web service also includes First Steps to filter content across different target groups, or based on the location of the user.


Efficiently developing online services

A free, open source Drupal 7 system was chosen as the platform for the web pages.

The webpage project was boldly implemented with the multipurpose template. The procurement and implementation of the City of Turku city network service was done transparently and agile with the suppliers since the bidding phase, as well as with the residents, gathering information and experiences.

The city of Turku's web project was comprehensive and versatile features provide an easy usability:

  • The site is responsible
  • Content maintenance is easy and the look is easy to tailor
  • Branding pages can be created with your own look, domain, footer and navigation
  • Accessibility is taken into account
  • Dynamic landing pages
  • Some lift
  • Versatile search
  • Picture gallery
  • Calendar of Events
  • PAT Data Model
  • Classification of content
  • Office - Service - Event logic
  • The platform is safe and scalable


Open web service platform KADA for other cities

The city of Turku made a remarkable and wonderful decision to open the web site's source code for common use. The City's Open Web Service Platform is an open-source solution for local and urban online services.

The platform's data model will be further developed into PTV-compatible and the network service can be integrated into the Suomi.fi Service Bulletin.

The open digital platform for municipalities (in Finnish): Kada.fi

Turku.fi source code package: City of Turku Github account

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