16 April 2013

Notes from Frontend United

At FrontEndUnited in London I made drawings during a couple of sessions. I like drawing and it helps in listening more intently. This is what I came up with.


Kristoff van Tomme talked about guided tours for software. Those little windows with help text that explain parts of the user interface. The foundations for showing a tour in Drupal are in place. A user interface for creating new tours still to be built as a contributed module.


Andrew Larcombe & Graham Taylor told us about Behaviour Driven Development. Originally a requirements and testing technique for the back-end of your site. They discussed how it can be used to capture front-end interaction requirements for your projects. It involves talking the language of the customer and gherkins.


Peter Gasston gave us an introduction to web components. It was way out of my non-coding league, but there was a lot of talk about a Shadow DOM in which distributed nodes don't really exist!


Edward O'Riordan presented on Programming Design. Very happy to see more talks that reference examples from art history. If we let computers do the grunt work of generating interesting material, we humans can focus on applying it in new creative ways. Maybe!


Morten entertained the troops like only he can. Angry themer still angry!


Zélia Sakhi gave an overview of mankinds attempts to express universal beauty through mathematics then and now. It's always inspiring to hear somebody talk with passion about the thing that fascinates them. This was such a talk.


Leisa should us how to prototype your way to UX success. She has carved out a really nice approach to designing complex digital things. Don't use documentation to prove that you have the right idea. Build your idea and let people use it. Excellent.