23 August 2011

Wunderkraut at the DrupalCon – play BOOTSTRAP-LEGO with us!!

Wunderkraut is present at the DrupalCon with a silver sponsor table. The "catch": We give away one copy per day of THE DEFINITVE GUIDE TO DRUPAL 7, _the_ great reading for Drupal 7. As one of the 30 co-authors, our Florian Lorétan's secured some of the rare copies (not even bookstores can order them at the moment from Apress) - and we give one away each day to the winner of our BOOTSTRAP LEGO game. Just drop by ar our table (1st floor to the right, in front of the door to the large auditorium). Then, just order lego bricks with Drupal facts on them (like the DrupalCons). The fastest contestant of the day get's a free copy of the versatile Definitive Guide to Drupal 7 ("DGD7")! And you get one of the six challenge buttons right away (try to collect them all!) ...
Oh, and see your place the highscore in realtime at http://lego.wunderkraut.net

Everyone interested in the book can have an extended look at the Definitive Guide to Drupal 7 at our table, since we've been selected the official 'representative' place for the book at this Con.
And of course we're looking forward to have a chatter with you – just drop by...

Let's rock at DrupalCon London!


Our table at the con


Kieran Lal, Beefeater (great, Kieran !! <:))


Play Bootstrap Lego!





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