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What is Altia?

Altia is a leading Nordic alcoholic beverage company operating in the wines and spirits markets in the Nordic countries, Estonia and Latvia. Altia produces, imports, markets, sells and distributes both their own and partner brand beverages.

The background

It all began with a small project but grew into a true partnership through new projects and continuous development. Wunder has worked together with Altia in an agile way developing new applications for the company. During our cooperation, Altia’s range of services has expanded, and at the same time, we have developed the existing ones.

Photo: Arttu Kivi, Production Manager of Altia Koskenkorva Distillery. Photo by Tuukka Kiviranta.

Best results reached through open discussion

Key Account Manager Hanna Stolt has worked with Altia since the start of the cooperation. Agile development is part of Wunder’s DNA. According to Stolt, in the everyday this means continuous development and fine-tuning methods:

In agile cooperation it’s crucial to have an atmosphere of mutual trust and openness. If our customer shares their goals and the reasons behind their partner choices openly, it’s easier for us as a digital project partner to allocate resources and make the right decisions. The better visibility you have to the customer’s world, the better you can plan the cooperation as a whole. Viewpoint given by the customer is the best base for developing their services.

Like any respectful relationship

Stolt compares a business partnership to any other functional relationship – it requires open and constructive communication. In digital projects new operating models are often needed and an agile partnership requires adaptability from all parties. The goals are set together with the customer and the conversation needs to be ongoing.

To work in an agile way, you need an agile culture at both ends of the partnership. This cannot be forced in an organization, it’s something that happens over time through agile projects. The most important thing is to get started, find the right model together and keep fine-tuning it according to feedback. With Altia it has been great to see how the company welcomes all ideas – even the ones that might seem a little crazy. Of course, not all of ideas come to life, but some do. And when they do, they really take off.

business goals at the core of development

It’s important for Wunder to truly tap into the customer’s business and their business goals. Creating a great looking website is not enough, there needs to be a deeper understanding of the business from the start. The projects should always bring real added value to the customer. With Altia this has been the idea from the start and the aim of the partnership is to develop Altia’s business as a whole. Stolt continues: 

Starting with the strategic goals is crucial. This is the only way to find the right development areas and solutions. We want to be a partner who actively develops our customers’ core business and brings ideas to the table even before the customer asks for them. This, of course, requires a partnership that is built on openness and we need to have a clear view of the set business goals.

Two Companies, One Team

The Altia and Wunder digital development team has remained pretty much the same throughout the years, though naturally resources have been allocated according to changing situations. Both organizations have vast know-how and ideas, which have been used efficiently in different projects. Stolt adds:

Continuity with a customer creates a stronger ownership, when you get to work together long-term. At its best cooperation is working together as a team, as colleagues, even when you are a service provider and a customer.

Wunder and Altia have reached this level of a partnership: they are working as a team. Stolt concludes: 

We have actually thought about the secret behind our successful relationship and come to the conclusion that it’s communication. We can always get in touch with each other about anything, and when we present new ideas, there is no fear of failure. And of course, it’s about the people, the right team. In a partnership like this, both parties need to have a strong will to succeed, evolve and go forward together.

Photo: Arttu Kivi, Production Manager of Altia Koskenkorva Distillery. Photo by Tuukka Kiviranta.

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