The beloved Ruutu and a new era of content

When Nelonen Media, part of Sanoma Media Finland, wanted to bring the online streaming service Ruutu to a whole new level, they did not lack ambition. The aim was to make Ruutu the best working, the most user-friendly, and the most interesting streaming service in Finland. To reach these goals Nelonen Media chose to work together with Wunder. During the project the task force welded into a strong team which was able to bring the viewers of Ruutu to a new era of entertainment.

To the next level with fresh energy

Ruutu is a well-known Finnish online streaming service, which offers entertainment and sports to viewers anywhere, anytime. In 2012 Nelonen Media wanted to bring the service to the next level with fresh energy. Wunder brought both enthusiasm and know-how to the multivendor project as the project lead, and together the companies started building a service, which would serve the users of Ruutu even better than before.  

As part of the project, a new business model was developed. There was a need for a subscription service model to go alongside with the free-of-charge commercial service model. And so Ruutu+ service was born. The new service was built around great entertainment and sports thanks to the TV rights from the Ice Hockey League in Finland. 

Project of this magnitude requires a partner with both strong technical skills and good understanding of the business.

"Wunder’s Drupal expertise, their way of working, and their skilled experts formed a fruitful ground on which we were able to work together, growing Ruutu towards its full potential. Wunder was also experienced in working in a multivendor environment, which made our choice even more clear,” describes Sanoma Technology’s Director of Digital Development Antti Pyysalo.

Towards improved user experience with agile development

From the very beginning the basis of the project was to enhance usability and the user data collected in user surveys was the guiding light. Thousands of users watch Ruutu simultaneously all over Finland, at any given time, often while on the go.

The demands for the new Ruutu were high:

  • Reliability and scalability
  • Easy-to-use payment process
  • Fast page downloads
  • Seamless streaming on all device

A lot of work was put into optimising the page weights and planning the hosting to match the large amount of traffic. Ruutu’s requirement for reliability put an emphasis on constant quality assurance. 

Strong partnership and trust.

“We have worked on the service with Nelonen Media since 2011. Strong partnership and trust are the very basis of the constant development of the service. We work in an agile way improving the service proactively with the help of analytics. I’m excited to see what our cooperation with Nelonen Media will give birth to in the future,” Account Lead Päivi Pajunen from Wunder explains. 

Ruutu on mobile

Project outcome: The most interesting streaming service in Finland 

The new has been getting great reviews near and far. Consumers have been happy with the service, the reliability has been first-class, and Ruutu has done well in international comparisons. 

“Together we have been transforming Ruutu into the best online streaming services in Finland. The number of views and subscribers have reached the set targets – and this is the course we’re staying on. The TV channel website of Nelonen have also reached their targets and fulfilled the needs of the customers,” Pyysalo describes. “Working in a multivendor environment has gone smoothly and cooperation with different parties has been seamless. This project has also increased our understanding of the industry’s best practices and made us more aware of the kind of project partners we want to have when we develop our services.”

Ruutu and Wunder have been working closely together for years, continuously developing the streaming service. According to Pyysalo, Nelonen has had a strong lead and ownership of the project, but it’s the seamless cooperation with Wunder that has truly made the project a success:

We have worked together as a team, solved challenges together and marched towards a common goal with a team of skilled experts from both companies.

What is Ruutu?

Ruutu is part of Sanoma Media Finland’s Nelonen Media. In addition to the Ruutu streaming service, Nelonen Media’s services include four TV channels, seven radio channels, and an audio streaming service. Sanoma Media Finland’s newspapers, magazines, TV and radio channels, and online content reach 97% of Finland’s population every day.

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