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Rovio is responsible for giving wings to one of the world’s most popular mobile games – Angry Birds. In 2015 we worked with them to relaunch their main website

Why Rovio were relaunching their website

Rovio’s company website needed a refreshed design in keeping with the quality of their game designs and considering the needs of both their mobile users and search engines.

These would contribute to their greater goals of raising awareness of Rovio as an entertainment brand, and increasing engagement with their media e.g. encouraging game downloads.

They also knew they needed a more flexible content management system to be the skeleton behind their website’s new user-centric design and allow the creation of new digital ideas. This is when Wunder were appointed.

Our team of developers worked with Rovio’s marketing, design, and technical specialists as an effective project team to implement Drupal as their new CMS.

Better mobile experience loads faster than ever which, combined with the new responsive design, has improved the site experience for mobile visitors. This is really important as almost 80% of all visitors come from mobile.

Smoother journeys to App Stores

We made the journey between and the app stores as smooth as possible for people who wanted to download their games. The new site recognises which device these users are visiting from and directs them to the right download page in their native app store.

More flexible Content Management System

Rovio’s content publishers now have the freedom to develop their website with new ideas much more efficiently. We upgraded their CMS from a limited legacy system to the boundless, open source Drupal, making the site more manageable and capable of expansion.

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