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Latvian Railway is one of Latvia’s major train companies who has worked in partnership with Wunder since 2011. Continuing the success of previous technical projects, Wunder was challenged to redesign and implement a brand new Intranet for Latvian Railways using open source technology. The finished product was such a triumph, Latvian Railway went on to win one of the Nielsen Norman Group Intranet Design Annual Awards 2017.


The wish list for Wunder   

The previous Intranet was difficult to use for staff and content managers which made internal communications to Latvian Railway’s 12,000+ staff a little tricky. The wish list outlined three main requirements for Wunder:  

  • Create a community platform using open-source technology, that will be intuitive and easy to use from work or home networks

  • Save time for staff with quick-access to key resources so staff can focus on the important stuff!

  • Promote community and unite a happier workforce with regular and eye-catching information about upcoming socials and company events

  • Increase number of Intranet users and improve staff engagement

Drumroll please! With pro-active agile project management, complete transparency, ongoing collaboration, and plenty of coffee, we completed the project in less than three months. We are now ready to share some of the secrets of the success, keep reading to see how Wunder helped Latvian Railway to improve efficiencies within the business.

Fuss free functionality

With document libraries, contact directories, IT support and access to staff benefits the interface design for both users and administrators had to be completely seamless. Wunder worked their magic from concept design to technical implementation. Our responsive interface design gives users, on any device, an equally great user experience.

The smooth migration from Microsoft Sharepoint to the open source platform, Drupal, was a major milestone for Latvian Railway’s strategic plan. With every migration, Wunder take time to understand staff’s working processes to see how everyday operations could be automated to save money.

For busy employees looking for key documents for everyday work-tasks, the new document hub’s search and browse functionality had to be user-friendly and super speedy.

Contact details became easily available with the new contact catalogue which holds over 6,000+ staff entries. Wunder’s user-friendly interface and quick functionality allowed searching and browsing super easy. Combined wIth huge quantities of technical know-how and rigorous quality assurance testing, the Wunder team proved no challenge is too difficult.

Staff seal of approval

Better yet, the one-stop Intranet is accessible to staff at work and home so no-one is  tied back with a snail-paced VPN connection. With easy access to staff benefits, employees applaud the convenience of the new intranet and the Internal communication department team love how easily they can manage internal communications and staff requests. A winning outcome for everyone!

It’s safe to say, the new Intranet has opened doors to internal communications and staff productivity, with glowing feedback and growing usage, the Intranet has been a massive success.

Strength to strength with continuous development

To make our digital creations the best they can be, we are firm believers in using data from Google Analytics and user research to make a product the best it can be. With all of our Google Analytic data and verbal feedback from staff, we have a huge shopping list of cool new features which we’re working with Latvian Railway on. In other words, watch this space!

Overview of the impressive features we love about this project

  • Expert knowledge of sturdy open source technology, in this instance we used Drupal
  • Intuitive interface design for administrators

  • Agile project management was in full force – we set goals, and we met them

  • Easy platform switch and seamless content migration

  • Connecting different 3rd party systems into one simple interface

  • Complicated migration made easy

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