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Kew Gardens - Saving British Wildflowers Online

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With the number of British wildflowers declining, Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew secured substantial lottery funding for their “Grow Wild” project, distributing millions of free wildflower seed packs to communities across the UK to plant and nurture them.

The project would be facilitated through a website and following a pilot run with a smaller agency, Kew’s Grow Wild team appointed us to migrate their site from Wordpress to Drupal and deliver functionality that met their entire project’s requirements.

Kew’s Objectives

  • get target users from across the UK to register online to receive seed kits
  • distribute 35,000 seed sowing kits to registered users
  • encourage users to sow their seeds and share their experiences with the Grow Wild community

The initial launch campaign for this project focused on encouraging registrations from big target groups of users, including scout leaders, girl guide leaders, schools, and other community groups.

Following campaigns would aim to attract much larger audiences which meant the site had to be adaptable and fast to support Kew’s objectives.

Delivering Value Within A Tight Timeframe

The first delivery phase involved migrating the site to Drupal, which was completed in the first four weeks of the project in one-week long sprints.

The short delivery period was due to a delay in the procurement process and an immovable delivery date. Using our agile method of delivery, however, we prioritised the backlog efficiently which allowed us to focus on delivering the real essential requirements on time.

Strong communication and transparency were key to the success of this first delivery phase.

Training To Adopt Agile And Drupal

In addition to replicating the exiting site on Drupal and migrating its content and users, we provided training to the Grow Wild team who weren’t familiar with either the Drupal CMS or agile project management.

By coaching them through agile processes and showing the value it was able to deliver in such a short period of time, the Grow Wild time were soon confident with our agile practices.

Usability Testing With Real Users

During the development of the site, we iteratively tested interactive features and their usability with real target users. This was essential to ensure that the site was working for the benefit of their users before going live to a large audience.

Alongside Kew’s goals, we incorporated user feedback to ensure that what we were creating would not only achieve registrations but give Kew’s target audience a better experience with the site.

Overall A Successful Campaign

The first launch campaign targeting community groups and schools was a big success. The Grow Wild team beat their target of distributing 35,000 seed kits and achieved a huge number of active user registrations.

One of the site’s new features enabled community group leaders to register themselves and their groups to receive seed kits. These contained multiple seed packs, bee houses, and golden tickets for group members, which once registered through the site, entitled them to an entry in a competition where they could win great prizes.

Thanks to this successful campaign, lots of people across the UK are now getting involved with sowing wildflower seeds and community gardening projects.

With the first milestone achieved and active users registered, the next phases of development would focus on handling much larger audiences registering and encouraging media sharing within Grow Wild’s community.

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