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JAC - Taking Judicial Recruitment Online

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The UK’s Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) decided to move from outdated IT systems and manual processes to a web-based approach to recruiting judges.

JAC's Challenges

Previously, candidates downloaded a Word document, filled it in and emailed or posted it back. The data from these forms were then entered into a legacy IT system. Processing candidate applications involved the JAC team printing out details, with interview panellists reviewing large folders of printed information.

The organisation was also facing pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency, whilst simultaneously increasing diversity, access to opportunities and the transparency and quality of their service.

As part of a wider programme of change within the organisation, the JAC decided to invest in a new system. After reviewing a number of Commercial Off-The-Shelf Solutions (COTS) specialising in recruitment, they opted for our proposal of a web-based service built on open source technologies and open standards, developed in a bespoke way for the JAC, using an Agile approach.

User Experience Design (UX)

The JAC’s new system was completely designed around the requirements of their front end and back end users to ensure the solution we provided was easy to use and as efficient as possible.

We carried out extensive user research and usability testing with actual people who use their services, including people with special requirements, to gain feedback that would feed into our design process.

Through a well-executed business mapping process with the JAC team, we were able to design and build an efficient system that is tailored to their ways of working.

Agile Delivery Support

As this project was the JAC’s first experience of handling an agile digital project, we wanted to ensure that their team was confident with this method of delivery.

The level of communication and openness that we maintained throughout the entire process also enabled JAC staff and our own team to work effectively as one project team.

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Overall Efficiencies And Big Cost Savings

  • Enables applications and references to be completed online
  • Helps evaluate skills with online testing
  • 1,700+ applications submitted
  • 40% increase in website visits
  • 55% increase in time spent on site

The system launched in early 2015, after exactly one year of work, is now being continuously developed based on emerging user requirements.

Live project:

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