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JAC - Supporting A Public Sector Body In Its First Experience With Agile

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Delivering complex technical projects successfully requires agile methods - now endorsed by the Cabinet Office and the National Audit Office. It can be daunting to adopt, especially in a public sector environment, which is why we provided training and support to the UK’s Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC).

The JAC, an independent body within the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), began a project to move the recruitment of judges online. As part of organisational change across government, it was decided that the project would be delivered using agile methods.

As this was the organisation’s first experience with Agile/Scrum project management, our professional services team were engaged to provide a training and coaching programme.

Agile Training Courses

Before the project started, we ran a 2-day “Introduction to Agile” training course for key staff who would be involved in the project, stakeholders, and other senior managers from the JAC. Overall, 20 people attended the course.

Next we provided a programme of ongoing coaching, which meant that the Product Owner and his assistant had support from a member of our team throughout the project’s lifetime.

This helped to ensure that truly agile approaches were used and that the project didn’t revert to Waterfall methods by default. It also helped the project leadership team ensure good governance and communications with stakeholders, team members, and the wider business.

In addition, shorter training seminars were given to all staff in the business so that they would understand the key ideas, and how to write user stories themselves to capture their needs and wants.


The agile training we provided the JAC has achieved much more than simply delivering a highly-rated training programme:

  • The main project was successfully delivered using a truly Agile approach, despite facing substantial external change during the course of the project
  • The project has gained a reputation around the Ministry of Justice as one to learn from
  • The Product Owner has been invited to give presentations around government on how to run projects well
  • There is now trust in the methodology and the Ministry is running other Agile projects
  • The assistant product owner is now also a certified scrum-master
  • Over 400 user stories were contributed to the project by staff members, in user story format, ensuring no requirements were overlooked

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