HSL City Bike

City bikes inspiring more and more people to cycle

Helsinki Region Transport, HSL, has worked together with Wunder for a few years now. When it was time to renew the city bike online service based on user feedback, the partnership with Wunder expanded to also include the renewal project. The city bike online service now moves more people than ever before with a bike network of 2,550 bicycles.

Senior Advisor Tarja Jääskeläinen is in charge of the city bikes project at HSL. She says the decision to work with Wunder felt natural: “We have been working together with Wunder on both the HSL.fi website and the city bikes service successfully for a few years already. It’s great that we can take what we have learned and use it to develop the service further. Wunder is also a framework agreement supplier of the City of Helsinki. They work with agile methods in multivendor environments, which is very important to us.”

Getting the wheels spinning with smoother transactions

The city bike service was first introduced in Helsinki in 2016. The popular service has since expanded to the neighbouring city of Espoo. According to Senior Advisor Tarja Jääskeläinen, the aim of the project was to renew the service to better serve cyclists during the biking season of 2018:

“In summer 2017 we conducted a user survey, which revealed many needs and wishes for the service. The main goal was to make the service as easy-to-use as possible, which meant effortless mobile registration, among other features. It was important to us to maintain a connection to the public transportation system and HSL but do so in a way that the city bike service has its own look and feel as part of the region’s cycling look.”

The main goal was to make the service as easy-to-use as possible.

Wunder was in charge of building the city bikes website based on a design by another project partner. Wunder built the user interface of the site and new functionalities of the service, including a whole new service for companies. 

“We made the website with Drupal 8. We integrated the website with the external bicycle system, which functions as the master of the bicycle data. We also integrated the website to the HSL.fi site and the HSL account, which is used for HSL’s online services,” Senior Developer Tomi Mikola from Wunder explains.

Crossing the finish line together

The new city bike online service has received positive feedback from both users and inside the organisation. The users have been happy with the smoother transactions and the employees are pleased with the user-friendly content production tools.  

The project was a success.

"It’s only the beginning of the cycling season and the utilisation rates have already been high. Last season we had 34,000 users registered for the whole cycling season, this year there were already 30,000 mid-May. It’s looking bright and our expectations for the season and the future are high. We’re also bringing a new service for companies this year. Employers can order vouchers for their employees for the city bike service. This is part of our employer toolkit for supporting smart commuting,” Jääskeläinen rejoices. 

Account Manager Jenny Kannelsuo from Wunder has been happy to be part of the project: ”I myself use the city bike service, so this project is close to my heart. It’s a joy to work with HSL and keep developing their services together.”

We have reached our goals together.

"It has been great that the same people from Wunder have worked on both the HSL.fi as well as the city bikes website. This way the big picture has been clear throughout the project. We have reached our goals together", Jääskeläinen concludes. 


What are city bikes?

City bikes are shared bicycles available to everyone in southern Helsinki and southern Espoo. In summer 2018, there are 2,550 bikes in the city bike network. Helsinki City Transport HKL and Espoo Technical and Environment Services are responsible for the city bike system. The system is administered by CityBike Finland, which is a subsidiary of Smoove and Moventia, the consortium responsible for producing the system. HSL is responsible for marketing, the HSL.fi city bikes online service and for the city bikes as part of the HSL app and Reittiopas (Journey Planner). 

What is HSL?

HSL Helsinki Region Transport, HSL, is responsible for more than 60% of all public transport journeys in Finland. HSL plays a key role in the everyday lives of the metropolitan area residents: over one million journeys are made daily on HSL bus, train, metro, tram and ferry services.

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