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Flixbus - Automating SEO For Germany’s Market-Leading Bus Travel Operator

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FlixBus is the market-leading, long-distance bus operator in Germany, connecting cities and towns throughout Europe. Their rapid growth and success presented them with new digital challenges and opportunities that motivated this project.

Automate Content and SEO, Handle Traffic Spikes Better

We worked with FlixBus’s editorial and development teams to fully understand their project’s requirements. We established that their existing website limited their digital activity in these key areas:

  • Too much manual, time-consuming editing involved in updating their complex travel schedule content
  • Lack of features supporting their sophisticated SEO strategy without needing manual input
  • Reduced performance during sudden peaks in traffic generated by their marketing campaigns

In early talks with the customer it became clear that Drupal and its semantic approach to content management is key to the level of automation the customer was asking for. The customer was also eager to leverage the advantages of open source.

Our specialists collaborated with FlixBus’s internal developers to deliver this project in an agile way and transform their digital practices from limitations to the following capabilities.

Automating Complex Content Maintenance

FlixBus’s service schedules are more complex than those of large airlines because they run an extensive number of routes across Europe with multiple bus stops per route.

Previously, they manually maintained these schedules - a time consuming process that was prone to the risk of human errors.

Instead, the new site automatically gathers information, such as route destinations, from a backend schedule management system to display it in a comprehensive and user-friendly bus service schedule.

Their team can now spend the time saved by automation on customising their destination pages to attract customers with tailored content and media.

Automating SEO Activity

FlixBus’s business depends on healthy organic search traffic. Their site’s features needed to support their SEO strategy, and achieve keyword rankings for terms related to specific bus routes.

The updated site now automatically creates search-friendly page content, installs recommended SEO practices, and builds a strong internal linking structure.

We also created a well-organised forwarding model to preserve FlixBus’s existing organic traffic during the relaunch.

Faster Performance, Even During a National Ad Campaign

FlixBus’s former custom-built system was slow to display content during traffic peaks. This restricted their online business from running smoothly, despite using expensive web servers.

These issues were completely solved by our implementation of Drupal and intelligent architecture. The site is now entirely stable during substantial traffic peaks and accessible to FlixBus’s customers in lighting fast speed.

We also bolstered this new, reliable technology with a more affordable, greater-performing web hosting solution on

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