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Comedy Central - Growing Digital Ad Revenue with UX Design

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Comedy Central’s Challenges

  • Go mobile-friendly
  • Grow UK site’s digital ad revenue
  • Improve editorial experience
  • Meet tight deadlines

Comedy Central's UK (CCUK) business wanted to increase the advertising revenue generated by their website. In order to do this, the site required design improvements that could increase user engagement across all platforms, including mobile, which was measured as increased pageviews, increased video plays, and number of pages viewed per visit.

They also needed to improve their editorial experience in order to enable a newly formed content team to rapidly and easily create content suitable for all platforms, responding to current events and memes.

The deadline for this project was fixed, requiring it to be delivered within three months to support a relaunch in the UK market. Thanks to our agile way of working and strong collaboration with CCUK’s internal team, it was delivered on-time to a high standard.

This was achieved by supporting CCUK's Product Owner in carefully managing the scope to meet the target, and ensuring stakeholder involvement throughout the process to avoid last minute approvals problems.

Comedy Central is part of the Viacom group, and the organisation is standardising on Drupal for its web properties. Drupal is the leading enterprise-level open-source CMS, and Wunder is the largest digital agency in Europe that specialises in Drupal.

“Wunder were an absolute pleasure to work with, they're hard working, knowledgeable, yet all team members were extremely approachable” 
Senior Digital Production Manager, Comedy Central UK & Ireland

Multi-Platform Web Experience

We designed, developed and tested the site to work well across a wide range of desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices, including some complex functionality, and ad integrations.

Improved Usability

We redesigned Comedy Central’s UK site to improve its usability and grow user engagement - led by user experience (UX) design, usability testing, and analytics data.

Reduced Overhead Of Editorial Production

The website’s new, fully responsive design makes creating content for all platforms far easier than before, reducing the time and effort involved considerably.

Previously, Comedy Central had different versions of their site for different browsers and devices. Changing this has allowed the content team to focus their efforts on generating a greater amount of content with the same resources, again leading to higher traffic.

How We Worked

One Team

Viacom already have a well-established, highly-experienced internal Drupal team. The project was successful because of open and collaborative working between the two organisations, with the project team itself working in a ‘borderless’ one-team way.

This meant that all project documentation and communications were open to everyone involved in the project, building trust and facilitating a high velocity of delivery.

Agile Delivery

When the project started there was a clear deadline, but lots of risks and unknowns. This meant it was vital to properly use agile methodologies to manage the project towards a successful conclusion. It also allowed for a fixed budget, by managing the project scope in response to change and new information.

Outcomes: Greater Engagement, Less Maintenance For Mobile

The user-centric redesign of Comedy Central’s UK site has been successful at increasing user engagement with the site content. Substantial, above-target, increases in average time spent on site and volume of ads served have confirmed this.

CCUK’s editorial team are also benefiting from this change with a reduction in the time required for creating content on Their previous site had numerous versions of the site being served to various devices. The new responsive redesign, however, allows Comedy Central to maintain one responsive site for all devices.

The project was highlighted as a major success within Viacom and led to the adoption of agile working. It also led to the rollout of the same codebase and approach to other Viacom sites (undertaken by us in collaboration with their internal teams again).

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