Helsinki, Finland

Service/Business Designer, Finnish speaking

Moikka! Kiva, että löysit tänne. Wunderin sisäinen viestintäkieli on englanti, joten toivottavasti sulle on ok, että rekryilmoituksemme on englanniksi. Tässä Service/Business Designerin tehtävässä edellytämme hakijalta riittävän englannin kielen taidon ohella erinomaista suomenkielen osaamista niin kirjallisessa kuin suullisessa viestinnässä. Katso hakuohjeet ilmoituksen lopusta ja laita meille hakemusta jo vaikka tänään!

This particular position requires the ability to communicate fluently in Finnish, but since our internal communication language is English, also this job ad is in English. If you are fluent in both, please keep on reading and don’t hesitate to apply!

I am ok with me appearing in all Wunder’s content

Who we are?

Our mission is to bring people together and shape the way digital services are used in everyday life. We help our clients to improve their digital business, competitiveness, and customer experience.
100+ Wunderers are encouraged to stay constantly curious, caring, and cooperative, together building an open and trusted company culture. Our diverse skills and opinions make Wunder unique, helping us achieve our common goal.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for an analytical, problem-solving Service/Business Designer with a customer-oriented attitude and a strategic and creative mindset to join our team in Finland. With a pinch of good vibes, interesting characteristics, and an inbuilt urge for lifelong learning. We are also growing our network of freelance designers, so if you are a freelancer and interested in this position, don’t hesitate to send us an application.

The Service/Business Designer of our dreams would have:

  • Experience in strategic consulting, customer-centric business development or other relevant area of consulting with the ability to create an impact that will take businesses forward
  • Experience in digital transformation, process development and system renewals in large organizations
  • Ability to rapidly gain an understanding of our client’s strategies and business, combined with a willingness to work as their trusted advisor who can provide added value
  • Ability to discover new growth opportunities for the clients
  • Ability to set and measure clients’ KPIs and OKRs
  • Track record of successfully delivering strategic transformation work for clients with demonstrated results and impact
  • Collaborative personality with the ability to connect the dots and people
  • Skills and experience in change and expectations management
  • Excellent communication and facilitation skills in Finnish and in English
  • Familiar with digital systems design methods and practices
  • Used to working in an agile environment
  • Proficient in both written and verbal English and Finnish

Service/Business Designer will support and advise the client stakeholders, product owners, and project leaders in digital business development.

We wish you also are:

  • A seasoned professional with ideally +3 years of relevant experience
  • Self-managing team player with a positive attitude
  • Actively participating in hands-on work
  • Capable of having more than one project & client at the same time
  • Able and willing to travel and visit clients at their premises. Most of our clients are based in the Helsinki area, and we work a lot remotely. But sometimes, we do meet our clients and colleagues also face to face.
  • Preferably holding a relevant higher education degree

The company fosters a culture of curiosity and innovation, where everyone can go ahead and learn, improve and grow. Knowledge and curiosity are the two Wunder values that drive my motivation, but if I have to pick one, I’d say kindness.

Michele, Software Developer

Our culture:

We don’t have bosses or managers giving either orders or things on a silver platter. We have the freedom to change our work life and make a difference for ourselves, our colleagues and our customers. We believe in freedom and responsibility. And for us, our culture is an important thing – and we wish you to feel the same way.

Your skill set is important to us. But at Wunder, the skillset is only one thing; your mindset, values, and personality matter the most. We encourage people to be themselves, and we believe in diversity and inclusiveness and psychological safety is something that we value, nurture and develop. Come as you are, so to say <3

Salary and Benefits at Wunder*

  • Based on Wunder’s Salary Model
  • Wunder bonus: based on the company’s profitability
  • Birthday gift
  • WunderHugs
  • Recruiting bonus
  • Commuting benefit
  • Home Internet Awaits!
  • Lunch Card
  • Recreational money
  • Snacks at the office and time to time sent to home offices as well
  • WunderTime benefit

*The Salary Model applies in all our operating countries, but there are some country-specific variations on the bonuses and perks. The list above is based on the benefits, perks, and bonuses in Finland.

The ways we support Wunderers’ development and growth

  • You will belong to Creatives Guild, where you share knowledge and get support.
  • As a Wunderer, the guild lead will have growth discussions with you, and you will agree on what resources you need to adapt to your way of learning.
  • 360-degree feedback annually, to understand your strengths and keep progressing in your career.
  • Find new responsibilities & challenges with our resourcing team.
  • Visit events and conferences to learn more about the industry.

Wunderers get to:

  • Execute the work in your own way while your account manager, project manager, co-workers, and guild members answer your questions and support you for a smooth project experience so you can do the best job.
  • Share knowledge and support in problem-solving within your guild.
  • Freedom to be who they are and to grow into what they dream of being.

Wunder in 17 seconds.

Some of our current clients:

Fortum, Ruutu, Trimble, Finavia, City of Turku, Kansalliskirjasto (Finnish National Library), Traficom, HUS (Helsinki University Hospital), Suomen Metsäkeskus (Finnish Forest Centre), Ministry of Defence of Latvia, Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia, and many more.

Read more detailed information on projects here.

The fields of business we currently work with:

  • Media
  • Natural Resources
  • Healthcare
  • Cities & Municipalities
  • Education
  • Industry

How to apply:

If we caught your attention and you find us attractive, please send your:

  • Freeform application
  • CV
  • Portfolio/ References
  • Salary expectation

Please send your application to [email protected] – the headline of your email should clearly state the position for which you’re applying Service/Business designer.Direct applicants only – please do not contact us if you are representing a recruiting agency.
We are contacting applicants as we receive their applications and as mentioned in the beginning of this job ad, we are interested in both: future Wunderers and freelancer that would work with Wunderers.

Our recruitment process is as follows:

  • Application & Review
  • A cultural interview where we talk about what kind of company you want to work for
  • A skillset interview where you can talk about design
  • Final interview

Feel free to also visit our social media accounts, to get even more detailed picture on who we are and what we do: