If you are looking for professional experience and relevant skills to boost your career then we would love to hear from you. In our Latvian offices, we take on 5-7 interns every year with 46% of interns becoming permanent members of staff.

During your internship, you can work in different areas of the business. Here are parts of our service which you can work in:

  • Backend development
  • Frontend/Interface development
  • Service design
  • Project/Account management

"This internship allowed me not only to grow professionally and face new challenges but also to become a part of the Wunder team!" Laura Ozolina, 2nd year front-end intern

What makes our internships so special?

We tailor your experience so you work in areas of the business that interest you the most. If you want to develop, design, research or manage - we can help you.

We treat you as a new colleague. You are instantly involved with company everyday processes, events and activities. You will learn the value of teamwork, working with others to deliver as a project team.

We offer a unique opportunity to work across a digital project. You will learn to work agile, set goals and responsibilities, plan budgets and communicate with clients.

We provide support for you, every step of the way. You are given a dedicated mentor to help you with any concerns and to reinforce positive feedback.

"I gained my knowledge in IT project management. My role was to gather tasks and use the project planning tool, I was also in charge of communicating with the client. During the internship I learnt a lot and felt I grew professionally. It is even more exciting that the website was created for a well known company." Liva Broka, IT graduate, Wunder intern and now full time Wunderer.

Get in contact

Our successful internship programme in Latvia has involved working closely with the local universities. We now aim to encourage digital dreamers across Europe to learn relevant professional and personal skills to succeed. If you would like to get some great on-the-job experience in digital then we’d love to hear from you.

Send your CV and a cover letter explaining why you would like to intern with us.

Our culture

About our culture

We're known for having an infectiously great company culture. Our culture is about the power in the combination of professionalism, openness and collaboration.