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DevOps engineer

Gritty DevOps infrastructure engineer – process this job ad in every detail!

This is not the first job ad you see, but we sincerely hope you would read this one – not only will you find out a lot about Wunder as a company, but at the end of this advert, there is an offer for you that includes coffee, snacks and an office tour. And to be honest, this advert can de facto change the course of your career.

We, Wunder, are a leading digital services provider with 100+ employees with offices in Finland, Estonia and Latvia. Now our Wunderwagon has one free seat for a DevOps infrastructure engineer. Ops team’s responsibilities include supporting a variety of applications, infrastructure and services. The person to take this seat has a multifunctional role including, but not limited to, SRE, enabling company-wide DevOps culture, system administration, Cybersecurity and automating various processes where needed.

DevOps apply here

“Jack of all trades, master of some”

Our current DevOps team members describing themselves

What we’re looking for

Wunder welcomes a DevOps Wizard with citizenship or who has a permanent working visa in Finland, Estonia or Latvia, with the following abilities:

  • Ability to self-organize and willingness to learn what you don’t know
  • Being passionate about some part of your daily work.
  • Curiosity and internal drive to continuously improve the baseline of our services
  • The knack for troubleshooting issues: in this position, grit as a personality trait is a bonus
  • Available to be on-call during office hours (8-16)
  • Good social and teamwork skills and ability to give understandable instructions
  • Experience and willingness in helping others
  • Able to communicate fluently in English

We wish you to have several years of practical experience in at least a few of the following areas and a willingness to learn the rest:

  • Linux administration, with emphasis on hosting web applications
  • Familiar with Bash, Python, Yaml. Ability to script and automate processes where needed
  • On good terms with Docker and Kubernetes, which are running our Silta hosting solution on GCP
  • CI (mainly CircleCI)
  • Centralized logging, monitoring and alerting
  • Familiarity with general cybersecurity processes
  • Knowledgeable about agile development teams and feeling comfortable taking an active role in representing the Ops team in client projects
  • Having past coding experience (especially PHP, javascript) in order to better understand and support the developer teams is a bonus

You can choose either Linux or OSX as a work environment.

Salary and Benefits at Wunder*

  • Based on Wunder’s Salary Model
  • Wunder bonus: based on the company’s profitability
  • Birthday bonus
  • WunderHugs
  • Recruiting bonus
  • Commuting benefit
  • Home Internet Awaits!
  • Lunch Card
  • Recreational money
  • Snacks at the office and time to time sent to home offices as well
  • Sports Club

*The Salary Model applies in all our operating countries, but there are some country-specific variations on the bonuses and perks. The list above is based on the bonuses, perks and benefits in Finland. We look forward to telling you about all the benefits and perks that apply in your country.

Wunder in 17 seconds.

“I remember Joonas who was our CEO at the time said clearly we don't expect you to be doing the things guys have been doing for 20 years at the office so yeah so that really made me have a more comfortable feeling.”

Jani, developer at Wunder

Some of our WunderWays that help you develop and grow:

  • 20% of your time can be spent on personal development as long as it aligns with our business goals. Be it work-related certifications or learning some new technology, it is up to you
  • 360-degree feedback annually, to understand your strengths and to help you to progress in your career
  • Possibility to join internal trainings, e.g. on how to give feedback and on leadership skills
  • Find new interesting responsibilities & challenges in a growing company. You will not be siloed into a narrow vertical
  • Visit events and conferences to learn about the industry
  • Growth discussions with your team lead and mapping what resources you need in order to learn and build your career and skills
  • You will be part of Wunder’s Ops team

“When working together it is important that everyone has the possibility to express their needs and ideas throughout the whole project. We are already pretty good at this and happy to share our best practices also with our clients and partners.”

Anna, the product owner of the psychological safety initiative, Talent team

Some of our current clients:

Fortum, Ruutu, Trimble, Finavia, Näkövammaisten liitto (Finnish Federation of Visually Impaired), City of Turku, Kansalliskirjasto (Finnish National Library), Traficom, HUS (Helsinki University Hospital), Suomen Metsäkeskus (Finnish Forest Centre) Ministry of Defence of Latvia, Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia, and many more.

Read more detailed information on projects here.

The fields of business we currently work with:

  • Industry
  • Forestry
  • Healthcare
  • Cities & Municipalities
  • Education
  • Media

“I felt appreciated already on the first day when I started and I think that the culture of the organisation is the thing that keeps me still working for Wunder.”

Eveliina, developer

Keep on reading! Your coffee, snacks and office tour are waiting for you!

We would love to invite you to come to visit any of our offices – to meet our fellow devs, get a cup of coffee or a bottle of soda, rank our snack selection and get a tour at our office. And if you wish, have a relaxed chat on our culture and tech. Book your personal office tour by sending a message to: [email protected]

If you are already impressed enough to send us an application, just great, awesome and we can’t wait to get your message! Feel free to send it via email to [email protected]

Include the following in your message:

  • Preferred subject: DevOps mastermind
  • Freeform application, including:
    • Salary expectation
    • When you would be available
    • CV
    • Some sample code, other material that you think is representative of your work as a DevOps or link to your Github page.

Our recruitment process is as follows:

  • Application & Review
  • Cultural interview where we talk about what kind of company you want to work for
  • Technical interview where you can talk shop
  • Final interview

All interviews will currently be held in Zoom.

For further information, please contact:
[email protected],
+358 40 2159 505

Or if you feel like sending us a message via social media, that goes more than fine too:

Twitter: wunder_io