Estonia, Finland, Latvia

Backend Drupal/PHP developer

If developing digital with world-class Drupal & Next.js devs sounds good, then keep reading, apply and maybe you will sooner than later be one of us!

This is not the first job ad you see, but we sincerely hope you would read this one – not only will you find out a lot about Wunder as a company, but at the end of this advert, there is an offer for you that includes coffee, snacks, and an office tour. And to be honest, this advert can de facto change the course of your career.

Backend Developer apply here

If you wish to work with vivid grown-ups willing to grow and learn more, you enjoy building together for a common goal – innovating and implementing in order to create smooth digital solutions, Wunder could be your thing. No uniforms, no strict rules, come as you are! We celebrate diversity since this brings innovation and creativity.

At Wunder you work for us, with us and in development teams in clients’ projects – we do not rent you to another company.

Work from where you want and when you want” is one of our motto’s. We encourage people in multiple ways to make the most of our flexible work terms in order to maintain optimal work/free time -balance. But our offices in Helsinki, Turku, Tallinn, Riga and Valmiera are pretty awesome too – so you truly can choose whatever suits you best. A combination of Wunder’s office and the home office is now the most common way to work for the majority of us. What is your favorite currently?

What we’re looking for:

Devs with 2+ years of experience in Drupal OR 3+ years PHP experience, Object-oriented php, Git 3 years, MySQL, 2 years, Docker and Docker Compose 2 years. If you know the basics of Drupal, we are eager to provide you with a working environment where you can learn a lot*.

Drupal, ElasticSearch, Node.js, PHP, Symfony, and JavaScript/ES6+. We are gradually adopting TypeScript and developers can influence their project stack. To empower our developers we use Kubernetes and CI in most of our projects. Wunder has also created and is actively developing a hosting infrastructure, Silta.

At Wunder we do decoupled projects – so we have many talented JS devs as well. If you have an interest or experience in JS, this is also something you might be able to work with in our projects.

We have regular internal Tech Radar discussions to decide together what new technologies will become part of our stack.

We value your:

  • Knowledgeability in agile development teams
  • Experience with Drupal integrations, migrations, composer, and building APIs
  • The ability to communicate fluently in English is essential: the ability to communicate in Finnish is a big plus.

*We have many wizard-level Drupal developers; among them is Rasmus who is the first triple-certificate Drupal Dev in Finland.

I’m very stoked about Silta and what it has to offer to us developers. The flexibility in tech in this company has been fantastic to see! I'm also amazed at how helpful and caring this company is for its employees.

Santeri, Software Developer

Salary and Benefits at Wunder*

  • Based on Wunder’s Salary Model
  • Wunder bonus: based on the company’s profitability
  • Birthday bonus
  • WunderHugs
  • Recruiting bonus
  • Commuting benefit
  • Home Internet Awaits!
  • Lunch Card
  • Recreational money
  • Snacks at the office and time to time sent to home offices as well
  • Sports Club

*The Salary Model applies in all our operating countries, but there are some country-specific variations on the bonuses and perks. The list above is based on the benefits, perks, and bonuses in Finland. We look forward to telling you about all the benefits and perks that apply in your country.

"I see an opportunity to grow both ways - in the areas that I am already comfortable in and also the ones that I'm interested in."

Kalvis, Drupal developer at Wunder

Wunder in 17 seconds.

The ways we support Wunderers’ development and growth

  • As a Wunderer guild lead will have growth discussions with you, and you will agree on what resources you need adapting to your way of learning.
  • You will belong to a guild (Frontend, System Builders, or Tech Leads) where you share knowledge and get support.
  • 360-degree feedback annually, to understand your strengths and keep progressing in your career.
  • Find new responsibilities & challenges with our resourcing team.
  • Visit events and conferences to learn about the industry.

Wunderers get to:

  • Execute the work in one’s own way while your account manager, project manager, co-workers and guild members answer your questions and support you for a smooth project experience so you can do the best job.
  • Share knowledge and support in problem-solving within your guild.
  • Freedom to be who they are and to grow into what they dream of being.

“I felt appreciated already on the first day when I started and I think that the culture of the organisation is the thing that keeps me still working for Wunder.”

Eveliina, developer

Some of our current clients:

Fortum, Ruutu, Trimble, Finavia, City of Turku, Kansalliskirjasto (Finnish National Library), Traficom, HUS (Helsinki University Hospital), Suomen Metsäkeskus (Finnish Forest Centre), Ministry of Defence of Latvia, Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia, and many more.

Read more detailed information on projects here.

The fields of business we currently work with:

  • Industry
  • Forestry
  • Healthcare
  • Cities & Municipalities
  • Education
  • Media

Keep on reading! Your coffee, snacks, and office tour are waiting for you!

We would love to invite you to come to visit any of our offices – to meet our fellow devs, get a cup of coffee or bottle of soda, rank our snack selection and get a tour at our office. And if you wish, have a relaxed chat on our culture and tech. Book your personal office tour by sending a message to: [email protected]

If you are already impressed enough to send us an application, just great, awesome and we can’t wait to get your message! Feel free to send it via email to [email protected]

Include the following in your message:

  • Preferred subject: Backend developer
  • Freeform application, including:
    • Salary expectation
    • When you would be available
    • CV
    • Some sample code, other material that you think is representative of your work or link to your Github page.

Our recruitment process is as follows:

  • Application & Review
  • Cultural interview where we talk about what kind of company you want to work for
  • Technical interview where you can talk tech
  • Coding homework assignment
  • Final interview

All interviews will currently be held in Zoom.

For further information, please contact:
[email protected]

Or if you feel like sending us a message via social media, that goes more than fine too:

Twitter: wunder_io