09 May 2018

WunderCon2018: A weekend of networking, hugging and having fun in Estonia.

Every year, Wunderers from all of our offices across Europe get together for one weekend. We call it WunderCon! Three whole days that are all about networking, spending time together and having fun.

It’s spectacular in many ways, and even more so when you’re attending it for the first time - like us new Wunderers (Vural and Marie). So brace yourselves. Here come our top three most significant takeaways from 2018's WunderCon – apart from good vibes, obviously.

1. "One Team" isn’t a myth! We're more similar than we care to believe

On Friday, April 20th, WunderCon 2018 kicked off in Laulasmaa, Estonia, with a big meet-and-greet.

“Hey, I know you from Slack and video calls!” and “so nice to meet you in person!” were probably the most commonly used phrases that day. This was expected though as we're a distributed, international agency so our project teams are naturally a great mix of nationalities and personalities, communicating through a variety of online tools.

This also helps with getting to know your colleagues pretty fast ahead of WunderCon. Beyond awesome!

Meeting someone in person, however, can often be a totally different experience to meeting them online. Not at WunderCon though!

It was fascinating to witness and experience first-hand how well we all got along, right from the start. We all shared a positive attitude that matches our company's values: open, honest, and full of utter respect for each other.

It's great to know that our company culture isn’t just a random marketing stunt (pretty on the outside but when you open the present and peek inside...nah, let’s not go there). In other words: mind = blown.

WunderCon2018: Neun Offices, fünf Länder, drei Tage. Ein "wir".

2. DiscGolf is awesome! Good vibes galore. Also, practice makes perfect!

What makes a good, healthy and mindful life? When you ask people, one word almost always pops up: balance. At Wunder, "balance" plays a big part in how we approach both our working and our personal lives.

At WunderCon, mind, body, and soul each got their share of balance. But first: brains. We definitely revved our cerebral engines up through a variety of workshops.

Topics ranged from new technologies (such as ElasticSearch) to corporate culture and solid career advice (know your strengths but use them wisely). All in all, it felt like almost everything was covered in a day.

Next was body and soul. Enter DiscGolf. For those of you who have never heard of it (neither had we) it’s a combo of throwing flying discs at targets and rules similar to those you find in golf. Sound like good fun? It is! Like any sport, DiscGolf is no exception to the golden rule for mastering skill: practice makes perfect.

WunderCon2018: DiscGolf macht glücklich!WunderCon2018WunderCon2018: Wunderer beim Turmbauen

3. We act like clockwork. Seamless collaboration is in our DNA

We firmly believe that your profession shapes your thinking. A software developer approaches a task differently than say a consultant or a die-hard salesperson does. And that's a good thing! It makes you the perfect team player.

Only a team that combines different skill sets can be successful – especially in the long run - a distinct feature of Wunder's overall composition and daily life.

This was also evident during the weekend's WunderGames where we competed over country-specific Jeopardy (just like on TV), challenged the Eiffel tower for tallest freestanding structure (our teams' tower-building skills rocked big time), and successfully found our way during orienteering (more or less - it's taking part that counts right?).

Sunday came and it was time to say goodbye. They say that meeting someone is actually an exchange and, for us, WunderCon felt exactly like that.

Both of us gained so many new insights and fresh ideas, it’s incredible! We came to meet our colleagues and left with a bunch of new friends. That’s because, at Wunder, people are genuine to the core. We give each other wings! And that’s what life is all about, isn’t it?

– your Wunderers Vural & Marie –


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