Wunder joins forces with a private equity fund

30 June 2017

We’ve been in the process of finding the right partner to join us accelerate our growth for more than a year, and I’m happy and proud to say that the search is finally over. We have just accepted an investment offer from Korona Invest, a private equity management company that specialises in taking companies like Wunder to the next level – that is, ones with an experienced and committed management team and a sound business strategy. Together with Korona we aim to become three times our current size in 3-5 years.

When companies grow for the sake of growing (or in pursuit of money), things often go south. Companies compromise on their core values and lose their identity. Good companies blend into average mass.

This is not going to happen to us.

We met and “dated” with a good number of potential investors during the past year or so, and found the discussions with Korona positively different from most others. From the first meetings they showed appreciation to the emphasis we put on company culture and having a great place to work for our staff. During the many strategy discussion days they’ve valued our self-managing culture, honesty in business and focus on people over processes. I’ve had the principle of being brutally honest in all the good and the not-so-good things about the company and they haven’t run away. There’s trust.

Why did we go searching for an investor in the first place? 

We’re a digital consulting company that has been profitable and growing every year during the eight years of our existence. We don’t need an investor to stay alive or for paying our salaries. However, our growth has slowed down in the past two years as the business has become increasingly complex. We want to be able to accelerate speedier again.

The partnership with Korona Invest gives us access to a broad range of tools to finance growth investments and for example acquisitions. In addition, we are gaining valuable expertise to our Board of Directors to guide us as we sail uncharted waters during the journey. Furthermore, the added stability gives us courage to take some risks in the business without the fear of immediate catastrophe.

As said, we have been growing every year from since the company was founded almost a decade ago. We’ve often asked ourselves why is it that we want to grow. After a good amount of discussion among the management and with the staff, we've been able to answer the question.

We want to grow because we do good.

We have a positive footprint in the two markets that we’re in: the digital services industry and being an employer for digital professionals. We’re the most collaborative and open company in our space and we enable better working life to our professionals through a modern, human-centric organisation. As we grow, we make these markets better for everyone involved, digital professionals and clients included.

In a nutshell – we want faster growth so that we can spread the good to more people and companies around us.

It's been a super tiring process and honestly speaking I'm happy it's over now. We've made a wise choice and found a good match in Korona. Wunder will achieve great things in the future in part due to the financial options, expert advise and stability this partnership gives us.

We're ready for the next thing.

Joonas the hugging CEO