20 August 2012

World’s Largest Drupal Provider Created By Merger

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NodeOne, Krimson, Mearra and Wunderkraut are some of the most respected companies in the European Drupal markets. We are all passionate about delivering measurable client happiness and business value, and we all are very active in the Drupal community. Sharing those same values, we have now decided to join forces and merge, creating an international high performance team. And we choose a name of one of the founding companies: Wunderkraut.

Our new company has a team of over 140 Drupal professionals, offices in ten countries, and clients that include some of Europe’s largest private and public organisations.

Vesa Palmu (founder of Mearra and a Drupal Association board member) will be stepping up to become the Chief Executive Officer of Wunderkraut, and sums it up quite well: “Drupal has become the gold standard for web projects among large organisations. Still, clients face a poor selection of vendors at the large end of the market. With this merger we’ve created a team that can deliver the largest web projects, while also providing the specialist Drupal expertise to ensure the quality of the work.”

For us at "old wunderkraut" and as the smallest company in this new group, the last months have been especially exciting. Like so many Drupal agencies we started small, but we focused from the start on quality and community involvement. Through that community we’ve now been able to achieve growth far more rapid than any closed-source company could ever hope for. Although we’re all together now the largest team of Drupal developers, we also want to retain the open, transparent and community-focused approach.

See you at DrupalCon Munich!


Our friends at commpress were probably the first to blog extensivel about this merger and have some really good analysis, given that there was absolutely no data available at that time:


And Steve Parks with his Drupal Radar has done some very nice interview with new Wunderkraut CEO Vesa Palmu at DrupalCon.