Travel like a pro - Part I - Before the trip

31 May 2014

Travel starts from home

The most important tip I can share about traveling is to make sure everything is always fine back at home. If you are in a relationship and intend to stay in one, do take extra good care of your better half when not traveling. Being away from home a lot puts extra stress on your relationship, remember to compensate for that. If you get this part right, the rest of it is pretty easy.

Planning a trip

Having the right flights and lodging makes a big difference. If you only travel every now and then it's ok to just go with the cheapest option. However if you travel for 100+ days per year we are really talking about your second home.
If you want to get a good deal you should plan about 2-3 months out for the flights, that's when they are the cheapest. Make a full price hotel booking at the same time with free cancelation to secure a room. Check a few days before the trip for last minute discounts on hotel rooms. If you find a radically reduced last minute rate just cancel your original booking.
Before you book anything, make sure you have a great travel insurance. Insurances are relatively inexpensive given how much they cover. The coverage of different insurances varies a lot, so you need to read the small print. Are you covered if you want to book a hotel room when your flight is delayed by 6 hours or more? Having 2 or 3 different cheap insurances can be a good deal, they usually cover different things and if you max out one with a claim another one should cover for the remainder of the claim.
The next part of the series is going to be published in a week, it will be all about airlines and hotels.
Photo Credit: Fotografik33 via Compfight cc