04 January 2013

Three insights from Wunderkraut

Shy Carrot


  1. A good team revolves around passion. Kill the passion and you kill all creative power within people. For it's when creativity flows, that beautiful end-results can emerge. Passion is what takes people from good to great. It is what makes people happy. Organisations too are made out of people. So we work on mutual relationships to bring together our mutual passions so we can make great stuff together.
  2. Everything changes. So do you. We believe the only constant in the universe is the fact there is no constant. So do requirements and specifications. For as soon as you capture your wildest imaginings, even greater ideas show up. Or other people. That's why we chose to be Agile. Agile processes harness change for the customer's competitive advantage. Trust, communication and happy people are pivotal for us. Both our own as well as our customers. If done well, it also delivers more value for money.
  3. Believe it or not, we're not motivated by making money. Sure our business must run and people need to eat and buy things. It's good to have money. But we never cared for fancy cars, bonusses or expensive stuff. Our motivation comes from helping people (organisations) by creating cool Drupal websites that deliver business value. And sharing code. And sometimes from a faster laptop. 
We have some more that we are more than happy to share. Interested in catching up? Drop us a line. Or let's do some carrot cake sometime!
Wunderkraut is the new name of Krimson, Node One and Mearra. We're with 140 Drupal people in 9 countries but we work with the same passion and deliver the same quality as before. In 2013 we aim to outdo ourselves on both!