Sweet sixteen

15 January 2017

Ah, sweet sixteen. I remember being already into open source at that age, in the early nineties. But it wasn't until I came across Drupal that I was carried away by the community. There are lot of different communities in the open source world, with different leading styles. Like the notorious, often controversial style of Linus Torvalds, or the tin foil induced paranoia of RMS. But there must be something special about Dries who has managed to attract such a welcoming community around his project.

When Drupal first came out there was no iPhones or Android, no Facebook or even Myspace, no Spotify, Netflix was a DVD rental, not a streaming service. Different times. There was also services and software I remember using that are now long gone. A lot has changed since.

Without Drupal I don't think I would be where I am today. It's not just the technical career, but the people I have ended up working with. Along my technical talent I have also been able to grow myself as a human being.

If it wasn't the community I don't think Drupal would be where it is today. One of the cornerstones running the internet. As of today Drupal is running 2,2% of the websites out there. With tens of thousands of freely available modules to build on there is hardly anything Drupal can't do.


Today we celebrate Drupal's 16th birthday. Drupal is an open source Content Management System (CMS) and has, at present, the largest and most active community of more than 1 million users. 

Behalf of  Wunder family: Congrats Drupal!
We've all been sweet sixteen.  Let the fun & games begin.