Our New Year's resolutions

02 January 2017

During the past year, we have been accelerating our transformation from a technical agency to a full service digital partner. We’ve hired analysts, user experience experts and designers to broaden our offering and to enable building services with great customer experience. We use design thinking to solve business problems and base our decisions on data and verified customer needs.

2016 was again a year of profitable growth and the last quarter was record-breaking on several key metrics. Simply put – the company is in a better shape today than ever.

To you as our client, this means better and broader services, from user research to taking excellent care of your services online.

We will enter 2017 with a lot of excitement. We have a strong ambition to continue growing, both in staff and our offering. We want to execute the growth right, both for our staff and the clients. For this reason, we are making you three New Year’s resolutions:

  • Our growth will continue while holding true to ourselves, our values and our identity. Wunder is a great place to work and will stay that way.
  • We are also a great partner to work with (Net Promoter Score of 64 for 2016!), and since we are in a high trust business, we’ll keep that, too.
  • Last but not least, we’ll continue to widen our range of services. This means putting even more emphasis on designing relevant services people truly love.

Thank you for a great year together and here’s to an even more successful 2017!

Cheers, Prost, Kippis, Priekā, Terviseks!

Joonas Kiminki