02 May 2013

OpenBelgium donated to the Open Knowledge Foundation

Shy Carrot

It's been almost three years since we've sponsored and launched the OpenBelgium.be website. Since than many people have found the website in order to either contribute new datasets, or to search for information on certain datasets they needed for a new cool web project. 

Times are changing, and in the meantime, the Open Knowledge Foundation has started a full fledged umbrella organisation in Belgium, and covers different working groups to support the growth and adoption rate of Open Data in Belgium. 

At that point it became clear for me that we should donate our efforts, and website, to this foundation. By doing this we ensure that the message of OpenBelgium is in line with the vision of Open Knowledge Foundation. 

By the way. If you are interested in using Open Data in Drupal projects. You should have a look TheDatatank which allows to open up data in RESTful way for easier consumation. There are Drupal modules to connect to it. 

In the meantime, you can still find Belgian datasets on http://data.gov.be/ or International datasets on http://ckan.org/instances/