01 March 2018

I didn't know I was a test bunny. Onboarding at Wunder.

Before 2018 people at Wunder came up with several ideas of how the new employees at Wunder should be onboarded. I joined on January 8, 2018 and I had no idea that I was actually the test bunny for this. And here is what they did to me…..

Wunder buddy as a support system

On the first day I was assigned a Wunder buddy. The aim of having a buddy is to support the newcomer and to ease the process of becoming a part of Wunder. This helps to find their own role, as well as supports them in quickly becoming part of the team and ultimately, start doing billable work.  

When starting to work somewhere new, there are loads of new things, so it is really nice to have somebody who you know you can talk to and ask even the silly questions. Here at Wunder the management and colleagues are super friendly, but they all have a lot of other important stuff to do, so the Wunder buddy is the one who will be in the office for the newcomer. I would even say that at all times. At least mine was (thanks, Ilze!:)).

wunderbunnies sledding

The more the merrier

Being a part of the marketing team, I was quickly welcomed by the global marketing manager Hanna, who made sure I understand how the communication between the colleagues in different locations (Finland, Estonia, UK, Latvia, and Germany) works.

Having both local and global level marketing teams helps to stay on the right pace and to get several opinions on marketing-related topics.  She also provided me with all the links and materials that might be necessary to kick off.

Getting inducted

After the first 2 months at Wunder the talent team arranged a special event for the newcomers - the Induction day. They brought together all the new people in the company and told us about the processes, services, as well as gave the general feeling where the company is at and where it is going. Having this knowledge, now it is easier to see the “whole picture” and to understand where do I fit in.

Moreover, it was a great chance to actually meet the colleagues from other countries face to face and to feel the team spirit.

wunder induction day

How we communicate with people in 5 different countries

An important part of the whole onboarding process has been the communication on Slack and in our internal network (intranet). Wunder is a company where remote work is supported and even appraised (in Latvia Thursdays by default are the “work from home” days), so there are many colleagues that you don't meet so much in person. This is why having a Slack channel is super beneficial - we get to “meet” and talk to each other without being in the same office. Or country. E.g. our colleague Henrijs is now in Tokyo and combines both - remote work and adventurous travelling with his family.

Wunderers have taken Slack communication to the next level by having an automated bot that every other week pairs 2 or 3 colleagues for #coffeetime. Then these people schedule time for a chat and devote 30 minutes of their working hours to talk to each other. There is no set agenda or topic, so it is a great chance to learn more about people with whom you otherwise wouldn't have the need to talk. Talk about weather, travelling, family..or if you get paired with somebody from your office - you can always play darts or have a chess match. Coming from a country were people tend to be mostly introvert, a little push to communicate is always a good idea.

People first, always

For me it has been almost 2 months at Wunder and I can definitely say that at Wunder people come first and employees are valued as personalities not only as human resources. Employees are the decision makers and they are believed in. Here you don't have to align with others or do everything in somebody's favour - if you become a Wunderer, you can be yourself and have your own vision about how things should work. It is actually even expected from you. Yes, it also means that nobody will say in exact words “You do this, you do that!” and at first it can be a bit overwhelming, but with time you will actually realise that it is a very motivation approach of management.

wunder team

Sounds pretty amazing, right? Come and see for yourself, because we are hiring! Check the available openings here.

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