Highlights of Drupal Developer Days 2017 - Europe's best Drupal developers got together

29 March 2017

Last week, I travelled with some of my colleagues from the Wunder Group to Seville. I've been to Seville many times before (I was born only 2h away), but this time was special. This time I was meeting with 279 friends from the amazing Drupal community. And personally, I was very happy to see so many Drupalists from Spain and Portugal, some of them attending their first Drupal Dev Days.

Group photo

I would like to thank all the organisers and volunteers of Drupal Developer Days 2017 for deciding to break "the usual way of doing things" of having separate sprint and session days. In the past this meant 3 parallel sessions on those few session days. This year instead, there were sessions on all 5 days of the event, in addition to the sprints! The setting was also amazing, being in a replica of a Spanish fort, with a large open space where the sprints were located.

There were several sprints going on; Media, phpunit, Search API, UX. I personally tried to finish some long-standing UX work that I've been trying to get into core for some time now.

Experiences in migrating a Drupal 7 module to Drupal 8

Me and my colleague Florian Loretán presented a couple of sessions each:

Search and beyond with Elasticsearch

Some highlights from other sessions were:

  • Gábor Hojtsy on the new features in Drupal 8.3. There's a lot of new experimental stuff coming in, and some work needed on the older stuff like "Inline form errors".
  • Fabian Bircher on different config-related modules such as "Config Split". While the configuration system in Drupal 8 is great, and way better than what could be accomplished with Features, it introduces it's own issues, which are being handled by these modules.
  • Sascha Grossenbacher on D8's caching system. The D8 system is quite powerful, and nothing like having it explained by the top 5 D8 core contributor.
  • Rodrigo Aguilera's session on visualizing remote data using external entities. Sometimes we need to be able to integrate Drupal with external data, and this is a great technical solution on how to handle them.

Of course the days included some social activities too. We had a couple of dinners with the colleagues from Wunder group – colleagues joined from Finland, Germany, Latvia and Sweden! On one special night we met with Ruben Teijeiro who provided us a backstage view of the traditional feasts, and the role of the brotherhood of Costaleros in the procession of the Holy Week.