Got grit?

02 December 2016

We decided to organise pre-christmas parties in all of our offices at the same time this year. Below is a short retrospective of 2016, as presented for the whole staff.


Those of us who have been with the company the full 2016 have had a year to remember. There's been ups and downs, successes and tragedies even. Nevertheless, what's most important is that despite the problems, the company is in a better shape today than ever. We are on a strong growth track and the past two months are financially the most successful in the history of the company. The future looks bright.

We've endured hardship, gotten back up on our feet and carried on. We've remained true to ourselves, our values and our identity. We've lost some friends, but gained more.


We've gotten everybody in the company the same book for Christmas. The book is called Grit. The word grit means having passion for a long-term goal and perseverance to overcome obstacles, failures and moments of lost faith. It means getting up every time you have been struck down, or hitting your head against the wall until the wall cracks open or you find a way around it.

We keep pushing because we know what we do is good for our clients, our industry and us. We are not – and never will be – a faceless corporation that exploits people and opportunities. We value things like honesty, transparency and doing the right thing. 

We've chosen this book in particular because it shows us the importance of grit. It helps us to recognise the grittines in us and that it matters. Actually, it shows – with scientific proof – that grit matters more than intelligence or talent. It also teaches us that grit is a quality you can practice and get better at.


For me reading the book gave some very valuable insight into why we do this Wunder thing. It also made me confident that if I'm allowed, I want to see this journey much farther than where we are now. It made me realise that all the good stories are long ones. And long stories take grit.

With this, I wish you fun pre-christmas parties together with your gritty colleagues and a relaxing holiday season. More than anything, I thank you all for a 2016 we'll never forget.

Cheers, Prost, Kippis, Priekā, Terviseks! 

Joonas, CEO