Free course: four weeks of Drupal

25 January 2012

Two days ago I had the final day of a four-week Drupal course held at Nackademin here in Stockholm. The course was a part of a two-year program called "interaction design", which means that the students are familiar with web, some PHP and not least front-end designing – but no Drupal. They worked very hard, and in four weeks we learned content management, basic site building, quite a bit of advanced site building, basics in module development and a fair bit of theming. (Needless to say, I am a very proud course teacher.)

Thanks to extra time invested by NodeOne, I was able to make record screencasts for all the topics covered by the course – which are now being posted online for anyone to use. A lot of material was already avaialble, but I still had to record some 17 hours (or 100–150 video clips) of new material. A substantial part of these videos are already available at the screencast series page, and I will continue to post 2–3 new items every week until it is all published. You will see new announcements when new parts of the series are completed.

The course material contains both tutorials and exercises as screencasts, and also a few written blog posts. Here is a quick overview:

  • Chapter 1 introduces Drupal both as a web tool and a community.
  • Chapter 2 contains videos about installing Drupal and managing Drupal's file base.
  • Chapter 3 deals with typical editor skills – managing content, users, menus, etc.
  • Chapters 4–6 concerns basic site building – content types, fields, entities and Views basics.
  • Chapters 7–12 deals with advanced site building with Views, Rules and Page manager.
  • Chapter 8 is dedicated to the important Features module and exporting configuration to code.
  • Chapter 13 gives a step-by-step example of how module writing works, and a few coding exercises.
  • Chapter 14 covers basic and a bit more advanced theming.
  • Chapter 15 was added during the course, and contains some extra material mostly concerning Drupal projects as a whole.

I hope this material can be useful for you or people you know. I want more people to learn Drupal.

By the way! Don't miss the Rules Mastery training I'm giving at DrupalCon Denver, together with fago, letharion and dixon_. It will rock.

Still looking for the course? It's here!