21 October 2011

Drupal vs EPiServer vs SharePoint

Shy Carrot



I had a very interesting opportunity a few weeks ago: To speak at a customer event of Sininen Meteoriitti, one of the leading companies in Microsoft SharePoint Portal Technology in Finland. I was invited to defend Drupal in a fight where I had very competent opponents defending EPiServer and SharePoint.

This fight got started during last summer when I invited Perttu Tolvanen from Sininen Meteoriitti to defend SharePoint against Drupal at Drupal Business Days in Helsinki. We had a blast in trying to figure out strengths, weaknesses and differences between both products and ecosystems of Drupal and SharePoint. Based on success of this fight management of Sininen Meteoriitti decided (in display of considerable courage) to invite me to speak to at their event for a room full of SharePoint customers. I was naturally delighted on the opportunity to spread the word on why Drupal rocks, so I agreed.

To add a bit more challenge EPiServer, a Swedish CMS product that has a huge market share in Sweden and also a smaller presence on the Finnish market, was added to the mix this time. EPiServer was presented by their country manager for Finland, Kalle Bäckman. If Drupal and SharePoint are both quite similar in many ways EPiServer is really a different beast from both of them. This made the comparison at the same time much more difficult and interesting.

The fight itself was very interesting indeed. We had already decided on the criteria we would use to compare the systems on and mostly agreed on strong and weak points of each system before the event. This was the only way we managed to squeeze the fight in a single morning, but it sure didn't stop us from dealing some nice blows during the fight. I especially loved when Perttu was glowing about how SharePoint has such a great support ecosystem and some SharePoint customer from the crowd shouted: "That's only because SharePoint needs such huge amounts of support all the time!"

Slides have a lot of detailed information on our comparison, so I'm not going to repeat any of that. To summarize the fight I could just say that Drupal really rocks on complex, integrated web sites. On simpler sites Drupal would have to be used as a packaged product (distribution in Drupal lingo) to compete against simpler CMS systems such as EPiServer. On everything that has to do with online publishing + social Drupal has definitely a very strong position on. When we move to solutions with integrated file management such as knowledge management intranets SharePoint still beats us in most cases. Drupal is a strong competitor on many new fields, but we do have a lot to learn from commercial ecosystems like the one Microsoft runs together with their developers. That being said commercial ecosystems also have a lot to learn from Drupal ecosystem.

Based on the feedback we got from the fight audience really loved what they saw. We were also having fun while fighting and did also learn quite a bit when doing the comparisons. There is more to come for sure. Next similar event has actually already been booked for December...

* Please note that the slides have been translated from Finnish and some things might have been lost in translation, Perttu and Kalle are by no means responsible for the translated version of the slides