Cheers to a great workplace!

10 February 2017

For the fourth year in a row, Wunder got awarded as one of the best places to work in Finland. We have grown from previous years and were for the first time in the most competitive category, medium-sized companies. To our surprise we got ranked fifth!

We are truly proud of this achievement and the years-long work that has enabled the results. This is especially valuable when Great Place to Work is a system where two thirds of the score are made from the employees’ self-assessment. Wunder is a great place to work for us, which is what matters.

So far we are only being ranked in Finland, because we don’t have enough staff in Germany (minimum 50 to enter) or the UK (minimum 20) and the national GPtW system doesn’t yet exist in Estonia and Latvia. There is, however a region made for just us – Europe – and we aim to participate in that listing next year.

Not just fun and games

As can be seen from all that we do, we are a fun company. Fun is indeed one part of coping with the hectic project life that we do every day. It lowers stress and – among other things – creates an easier environment to approach colleagues regardless of their rank or seniority. However, having fun is not an end in itself for the company. We want to maintain and improve our working environment, because it’s good for us and good for the business.

Being a great place to work has many positive features from a stone cold business perspective:

  • Putting constant effort and investment into employees and the workplace lowers staff churn. People tend to stay longer in workplaces where they do meaningful things with nice and professional colleagues in a high-trust environment.
  • Having a reputation as a great workplace helps attract the best talent. In creative jobs such as ours (coding should always be considered a creative job, too) the best talents only apply to places that they perceive being the best. A-class people want to work with A-class.
  • Respect is a two way street. When people feel respected, they respect the company and become more tolerable and open towards change, which is an everyday element in today’s workplaces. This, together with a low-hierarchy culture, enables an organisation that is flexible, shock-absorbent and future-proof.

In addition to the aspects above, being recognised as a great workplace is a virtuous cycle. When you have some of it and see some results, you want to protect the good bits and improve all the others. Being constantly sane, human, reliable and improving is what everyone inside and outside the company will expect of the organisation. It becomes your story, your identity – and it’s one to protect.

A look into the future

We had a year of tremendous change in 2016. Many of our leadership positions were reshuffled or redefined, and we went through a big mental exercise from being five companies with the same name to one company that operates in five countries. There were also numerous other changes, for example new systems and forming several company-wide teams. 2016 finished with the three best months we’ve ever had making the year one with continued growth.

For the ongoing year we have big plans, too. We expect to grow strongly in all our markets, with special focus on Germany and the UK. We expect to hire some 20 new staff members before the summer and another similar batch by year’s end. Things will definitely not be boring – or easy for that matter. The growth numbers wouldn’t probably even be sustainably possible without constant focus on workplace excellence, so I can guarantee we’ll keep that in our core in the future as well. But now, let’s stop for a moment and enjoy the journey so far:

Cheers to Wunder, a great place to work!

Also, yes – we’re hiring!

Joonas, CEO