26 April 2017

Cats, big bang and code: Turku <3 Frontend visited Wunder


If you have never been to a tech meetup, here’s what you can expect: few talks, some drinks and lots of networking - but even more than that, cats, laughter and code. All that was present at the Wunder’s office in Turku when Turku <3 Frontend visited to host a meetup for the local developer community on Wednesday April 26th.

Turku <3  Frontend was started about 1,5 years ago to cater the need for less formal get-togethers to bring together students, developers and companies interested in frontend web development. After that, the meetup scene in Turku has exploded and there’s something for everyone from game development to building maps and Wordpress groups to machine learning and AI. 

This time at Wunder, we heard two great talks that made people laugh and learn at the same time. Wunder did amazing job in hosting us and setting the mood ready for upcoming vappu celebration with sima, donuts and traditional vappu picnic food.

Hosting meetups is a great way for a tech company to show that they care for their developers and they want to participate in the community. Being part of the community makes recruiting also much easier as it brings the company and its people closer to the developers and creates an atmosphere of progression and learning.

Wunder did amazing job in hosting us and setting the mood ready for upcoming vappu celebration

This month we had two very different talks. First Margarita Obraztsova, an UI Developer from Holvi, gave a light-hearted presentation that looked into the history of Javascript. Did you know that way before Node, Javascript was a server-side language or that it’s been 166 days since the last new Javascript framework?

The second speech was given by the lead developer of Valohai, Aarni Koskela. He gave a crash course into Webpack configuration and did the most daring of the things to do in a meetup: live coding. He built a Webpack configuration for a React app from scratch to demystify the process and to show that it doesn’t take 10 days to setup. And what would be a web app demo without rotating cats, meow sounds and laughter.

Two great speakers and relaxed atmosphere at Wunder Turku office

For a developer, participating in a meetup is a great way to meet people enthusiastic about the same topics as you are while learning something new every time. Giving a talk, on the other hand, is a great way to build expertise in a subject and practice public speaking. And there’s no better way to do that than your local, friendly meetup group.


Juha-Matti Santala

Organizer, Turku <3 Frontend

In the next Turku <3 Frontend May Meetup our Matthew Fontana guides us to the world of Vue, Node & Reddit's API. Event is full, but you can follow the discussion in Turku <3 Frontend Twitter.

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